The Cutest Turkey Sandwich I Have Ever Eaten

Let’s face it, folks…I’ve eaten a lot of Turkey Sandwiches in my time.

  • Hot Turkey Sandwiches
  • Sloppy Turkey Sandwiches
  • Plain Turkey Sandwiches
  • Old Turkey Sandwiches
  • Dry Turkey Sandwiches
  • Juicy Turkey Sandwiches
  • Smelly Turkey Sandwiches

Lots of Turkey Sandwiches… literally thousands of Turkey Sandwiches.  I’m like the Wilt Chamberlain of Turkey Sandwiches.  And I’ve had Turkey Sandwiches all over this great country of ours.  I get around.


Patty’s in Lewes, DE

But I really think this one was the “cutest” Turkey Sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  It came from a little sandwich shop in downtown Lewes, DE (pronounced LOO-is) called Patty’s.  I didn’t have high hopes for this place, mostly because I thought that since it was called “Patty’s” they would have a wide selection of Patty Melts and I wasn’t in the mood for that kind of sandwich.

Patty’s was a nice surprise and I ordered this nice little Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Relish on an ancient grain roll.  Isn’t this sandwich the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?  And it was every bit as delicious as it was cute!

Isn’t this Turkey Sandwich cute?

I like my Turkey Sandwich Dry

That’s right – I’m back in the Turkey Sandwich game.  This time, I’m doing it East Coast-style because I’ve relocated to Delaware.  That’s a good and bad thing.  Bad in that Delaware doesn’t have that many sandwich shops, mostly because there aren’t that many people here.  It’s GOOD in that I live two hours from Philly, Baltimore and DC and that should provide me with some good solid sandwich opportunities.

casapullosFor the time being, let’s start this comeback with a home-grown, Delaware sandwich shop: Casapulla’s Deli in Rehoboth Beach.  I was drawn to this place mostly because they are a proud Boar’s Head deli – and you know how I get with Boar’s Head.  They didn’t have an awesome selection of deli meats, but it was good enough, especially since I haven’t had all that many Turkey Sandwiches lately.  I decided to go with the peppered turkey and proceeded to order.  I threw the girl at the counter for a loop when I told here I didn’t want mayo or oil on my sandwich.  She gave me just a little bit of attitude and said “you just want it dry?”  I politely said, “yes, please.”  She kinda scrunched her nose like I had just asked her to sprinkle boogers on my sandwich and punched the order.

That’s right, GIRL.  I like like my Turkey Sandwiches DRY.  Some people don’t mind a little friction and there isn’t anything wrong with that.  For example, my friend, John Darren Allen likes to masturbate dry.  No lube, no lotion.  Dry as a bone.  Sure, I’ll lube my Turkey Sandwich up with some deli mustard every once in a while.  As for Darren, he told me that he ONLY gets his pulls dry.  That’s weird to me, but it’s none of my business, just like it’s none of that girl’s business if I like my Turkey Sandwich dry.

In case you’re wondering about the sandwich, it was pretty good dry, thankyouverymuch.  Good bread, good cheese, good turkey and the peppers gave it a just the right amount of lubricant.



Thanksgiving Leftover: Instagram-style

I do not have time for an elaborate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich this year. Peace and love, peace and love.  I’m warning you with peace and love, peace and love, I will not have time to film and edit anything beyond this Instagram video. Anyway, peace and Love, peace and love.

Subway Cheats Like Snarf’s

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 3.15.07 PM

I made a big fucking deal out of Snarf’s ripping people off a couple years ago.  I still don’t give those cheating motherfuckers any of my Turkey Sandwich business.

Now, you can add Subway to the list of cheaters.  They’re ripping people out of one inch on their sandwiches too.  Link to story here. 1 inch is a lot.  Would you want to walk away from 1 inch?  I certainly wouldn’t.

Sing it with me: 5 dollar 11 incher!

Pieces of shit.  Both of them.

2012 Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich

It’s here.  The 2012 Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have done a video this year if it were not for you, the loyal Turkey Sandwich Report Nation.  You guys demanded a video and I think I came through for you in a big way.

This year, I really challenged myself.  I asked Mrs. Turkey Sandwich to pick out the ingredients and then I would work my magic from there – just like the show Chopped.  Let me say this with all sincerity and seriousness.  The sandwich that I created in this video was incredible.  Make this sandwich now.

Let’s roll the tape:

Do you know what REAL Turkey is?

I’m a big fan of the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Triple D).  In fact, I’ve started searching out places where the host Guy Fieri has visited.  Yea, pretty nerdy, I know.  Whatever.  I take my food pretty serious.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so when Mrs. Turkey Sandwich asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner, I checked the innerettes to see if there was a place in Denver that has been featured on  “Triple D” that I have not been to yet.

There was.  It’s called The Bagel Deli and it’s a couple miles from my house.  It’s a Jewish Deli and with that, my decision was made.

Typically when I visit one of the places featured on Triple D, I order what Guy ate on the show.  Since I was celebrating MY birthday, I was considering the Pastrami and Turkey Sandwich.  Before I made the commitment, I asked the waitress if the Turkey was real.  I had reason to believe it was because the menu prominently said “as authentic as it gets” but I stil wanted a confirmation.  Her response was “well, yeah, they slice it”.  That wasn’t really the response I was looking for, but the waitress made me kind of nervous and I could tell she wanted me to hurry up and make a decision.

The final assessment: no it’s not real Turkey.  It’s processed.  The Pastrami was strong, but the Turkey was weak.  Bagel Deli: I think you might be stretching the truth by saying “authentic as it gets” – at least when it comes to Turkey Sandwiches.

This place sucks.

I pass by Ashkenaz Deli everyday on my walk in to work when I’m in Chicago.  I’m a big fan of Jewish-style/New York-style delis and the daily allure of a big-ass Turkey Sandwich convinced me to leave work early this week so I could hit them up before they closed.  I was immediately concerned when I noticed that they use the same Dietz & Watson bullshit deli meats that they sell at Albertson’s.

I ordered a Turkey Sandwich on Rye and made it extremely clear that I wanted DELI mustard.  I bring the sandwich home and find out that they squirt a bunch of yellow fucking mustard on there.  Thanks.  Sandwich ruined.

After I scraped off the yellow mustard, I notice the lettuce was on its last leg.

Don’t go to this place.  I don’t have another recommendation for a Turkey Sandwich in the Gold Coast neighborhood (Subway is the only other choice), so I would suggest just skipping the meal.

Just to be fair and balanced, maybe they know how to make an incredible Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich – but I doubt it.