I am an Arbys Apologist

Homer Simpson once said, “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.”

I think that is totally unfair and I am here today to say that I am am an “Arby’s Apologist” and enjoy eating their food.  Their Turkey Reuben is solid.  Their Turkey Bacon Club is pretty damn good.  And let’s not forget their Cherry Turnover which is a piece of heaven.

And I’ll throw down a Beef n’ Cheddar every once in a while too.

I like Arby’s ok?  Look at how tasty the Turkey Bacon Club looks (minus the tomatoes, of course).

Arby's Turkey Bacon Club


Arby’s is Underrated and Other BIG News

Let me just get to the point here: Arby’s makes a fucking good Turkey Sandwich.  I’ve been meaning to get one of their Toasted Subs and I finally got to it today.  And I’ll tell you what, their have a Turkey Bacon Club is a solid Turkey Sandwich.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fuck out of that thing.

Ok, on to the big news: A colleague of mine, Josh Mishell, is also a big Turkey Sandwich fan.  He recently stopped by The Spicy Pickle and noticed that they changed their bread.  He immediately lodged a complaint thru their website.  To their credit, they immediately responded and invited him to come in to have lunch with them and talk things over.

He took them up on their offer and asked if I could join in, being that I’m big fucking deal in the world of Turkey Sandwiches.  They accepted and I’m meeting with the big shots over at The Spicy Pickle.

Trust me – I will be asking the tough questions.  No softballs lobbed up for them to hit out of the park in this conversation.  I’m gonna make Mike Wallace look like Pee Wee Herman.  At the top of my list is going to be Turkey Quality.  I want to know who their vendor is and if they are confident about their cold cuts.

More information about this meeting is available at Bank Gothic Overload.