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I Call Bullshit

I had the Turkey Club at an upscale Hotel bar/restaurant last night.  On their menu, they specifically said that the use Boar’s Head Turkey.  That is bullshit.  I know Boar’s Head Turkey and that WAS NOT Boar’s Head Turkey.  Liars!

In fact, I didn’t even finish the sandwich.  I left almost half of it on the plate.  That was a first.

Plus, I got an amazingly bad stomach ache in the middle of the night.  Then, in the morning…let’s just say that my body rid itself of this farce of a Turkey Sandwich.

But, not to worry I got back on the Turkey Sandwich train this morning.  I actually gave Quizno’s a second chance.  I stopped by, mostly out of convenience, and got their new “Sammies” which are sandwiches on flatbread pits.  You eat them like a taco.  Not bad actually.  I’m still trying to work up the nerve to ask them to toast my sandwich twice, but I just hate being that guy than needs special service.

But then again, I am the World’s Foremost Authority of Turkey Sandwiches.

Vegas Round 2

I have quite a trip ahead of me this week:

Tues – Late night flight to Vegas

Wed/Thurs – Vegas. None of this bullshit like they had at Paris last time I was there. When I am in Vegas and want a Turkey Sandwich, I expect a fucking Turkey Sandwich. And I will find one.

Fri – Driving to LA. I think I will stop in Barstow and see what they have to offer.

Sat – Disneyland. Does the Magic Kingdom have a magical Turkey Sandwich? We shall find out.