This place sucks.

I pass by Ashkenaz Deli everyday on my walk in to work when I’m in Chicago.  I’m a big fan of Jewish-style/New York-style delis and the daily allure of a big-ass Turkey Sandwich convinced me to leave work early this week so I could hit them up before they closed.  I was immediately concerned when I noticed that they use the same Dietz & Watson bullshit deli meats that they sell at Albertson’s.

I ordered a Turkey Sandwich on Rye and made it extremely clear that I wanted DELI mustard.  I bring the sandwich home and find out that they squirt a bunch of yellow fucking mustard on there.  Thanks.  Sandwich ruined.

After I scraped off the yellow mustard, I notice the lettuce was on its last leg.

Don’t go to this place.  I don’t have another recommendation for a Turkey Sandwich in the Gold Coast neighborhood (Subway is the only other choice), so I would suggest just skipping the meal.

Just to be fair and balanced, maybe they know how to make an incredible Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich – but I doubt it.

Wacky Deli Prices at Albertson’s

The big news here is that I have changed grocery stores.  After settling on King Sooper’s, I’m making a change to Albertson’s.  Yes, Albertson’s is still in business.  I think they have 2 or 3 stores in Denver.  I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but I do know they got pounded unmercilfully by HEB down in Texas and crawled out of there with their ass in a sling.

But Alberson’s is within walking distance of my my new pad, so it’s worth giving it a shot.  But an immediate red flag went up when I saw this pricing scheme:

The Price of Turkey at Albertson's

Wow.  That “Homestyle Black Pepper” seasoning better be prety fucking good to justify adding $3.50/lb on to the price.  And what makes the Black Pepper more “heart healthy” than the “Santa Fe”?  They sound prejudice against Santa Fe and/or New Mexicans to me.