The Mudd Honey at Delicatus is SICK

It was 1993 and I was in college at Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau, MO.  I grew out my hair, rode a skateboard around campus and listened to “alternative” music.  Grunge music was all the rage and a bunch of bands from Seattle who were supposedly “alternative” became the mainstream.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots got too big for me.  I still had all of the CDs, but I wanted to be in the know, so I dug a little deeper and found bands like The Screaming Trees, Hammerbox and Mudhoney.

Fast forward 17 years later and I live in Seattle part-time and instead of spending my disposable income going out to see shows at the Showbox or Crocodile Cafe, I eat Turkey Sandwiches for fun.  Instead of going out to the record store to hunt for some rarities, I search for new or out-of-the-way sandwich shops.  A couple weeks ago a place called Delicatus opened up in Pioneer Square and burst onto the scene.

As an apparent honor to the Seattle music scene and one of those bands that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream, they named one of their sandwiches the Mudd Honey.  This is one sick sandwich: Roast Beef, Turkey, slab Bacon and BBQ on French Roll.  Amazing.

The Mudhoney at Delicatus

Even if you think Grunge sucks or if you don’t event remember what Grunge was, go out and get one of these sandwiches.  Take it from this Grunge connoisseur, The Mudd Honey at Delicatus has a chance to be the Nirvana of Turkey Sandwiches.

Oy Vey, Zaidy’s Makes a Good Turkey Sandwich!

Zaidy's Smoked Turkey and Apple

My Jewish friends here in Denver have been telling me, “Neal, if you want to ess a good Turkey Sandwich, you need to eat at Zaidy’s. Everything else is chazerei.”  Then some of them say, “Neal, if you don’t like the Turkey Sandwich at Zaidy’s, you’re fercockt.”

I’ve lived in Denver for three years and I have not taken their advice and gone to Zaidy’s.  I was starting to feel like a real nebbish.

Today I finally got my tuches over to Zaidy’s to give their Turkey Sandwich a try.  I ordered the Smoked Turkey and Apple Sandwich and Ay-Yay-Yay this is a great Turkey Sandwich.  To be honest, I could have schtupped this sandwich.  Real Turkey, bacon, apples and a really thick honey mustard sauce – I was totally ferdrayt.

Next time you’re in Denver and looking for a place to drop some gelt on a Turkey Sandwich, go to Zaidy’s.

For a translation on some of these phrases, click here.

I am an Arbys Apologist

Homer Simpson once said, “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.”

I think that is totally unfair and I am here today to say that I am am an “Arby’s Apologist” and enjoy eating their food.  Their Turkey Reuben is solid.  Their Turkey Bacon Club is pretty damn good.  And let’s not forget their Cherry Turnover which is a piece of heaven.

And I’ll throw down a Beef n’ Cheddar every once in a while too.

I like Arby’s ok?  Look at how tasty the Turkey Bacon Club looks (minus the tomatoes, of course).

Arby's Turkey Bacon Club


I’m a Sucker for Anything Applewood Smoked

I can almost guarantee that if there is something on the menu that features “Applewood Smoked Bacon” on it – I’m getting it.  I am gay for Applewood Smoked Bacon.  Needless to say, I am especially gay for Applewood Smoked Bacon on Turkey Sandwiches.

Imagine my elation when Mrs. Turkey Sandwich brought home Applewood Smoked Turkey from the grocery store today.  This sent shockwaves through the Turkey Sandwich Report home offices.

And holy shit – it definitely lived up to the hype.  Damn good Turkey.  I have eaten two Turkey Sandwiches since she got home at 5:30 – and it’s 8:46 right now.

I normally make some kind of soup on NFC/AFC Championship Sunday (a tradition I started when I lived with Big Daddy Nick Farrel), but that might come to an end tomorrow.  I am gay for Applewood Smoked Turkey Sandwiches.

I Finally Cross Paths with The Village Inn

You can’t swing a dead cat in Colorado and not hit a Village Inn. But even though these sons of bitches are everywhere, I’ve never had a reason, nor the inclination to visit one of these establishments.  All of that came to an end tonight as I was practically forced to eat at The Village Inn.

For all of my readers from around the globe who are not familiar with The Village Inn, it’s a cross between Denny’s, IHOP and an old folks home. I was in Grand Junction, Colorado tonight and stuck at a hotel without a car. My choices for dinner were Wendy’s or Village Inn. Wendy’s doesn’t have Turkey Sandwiches – so Village Inn gets the nod.

I felt a little out of place when I first walked in because it seemed like a ventilator, cane or walker was a prerequisite for dining here, so I ordered the Turkey Bacon Melt “to-go”.

The interesting thing about The Village Inn is that their french fries completely suck. The sandwich was actually ok – I like how they heated up the Turkey, cheese and bacon together before putting it on the bread.

Was the Turkey Sandwich good enough for me to go back?  No.  Not until I’m 83.