Jimmy John’s: The Official Turkey Sandwich of Hangovers

A couple weeks back, I made the pilgrimage down to Cape Girardeau, MO for the Southeast Missouri State University Homecoming.  Normal college homecomings revolve around a football game.  SEMO’s homecoming revolves around drinking…at least for me.

Our normal schedule is:

  • 3PM Friday – start drinking
  • 5PM Friday – go to the Playdium
  • 10PM Friday – go to the Fraternity House for a Party
  • 3AM Saturday – pass out (when I was in college I would stay up all night)
  • 6AM Saturday – screwdrivers and donuts
  • 9AM Saturday – keep drinking at whatever party
  • 3PM Saturday – find a Turkey Sandwich
  • 4PM Saturday – take a nap

For me, it is literally a 24 hour sprint.  It’s not a marathon.  I’m like the Usain Bolt of Homecoming and I sprint. Hard.

I ended up at the Cape Girardeau Jimmy John’s right on schedule for my 3PM Turkey Sandwich.  It did not disappoint.  In fact, it was so damn good, that I am now officially dubbing it my official Hangover Sandwich.

The Official Hangover Sandwich

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