We Crown a Turkey Sandwich National Champion

As I get ready to announce this year’s Turkey Sandwich National Champion, the clock is close to 12 o’clock Noon.  That means lunch time.  And for me, that means hunger.

Our Turkey Sandwich National Championship pits Mendelson’s Delicatessen of Denver, CO vs. The Gristmill of New Braunfels, TX.  This is going to be one hell of a match-up.  The quaint restuarant on the banks of the Guadalupe River vs. the Downtown Denver Lunch-Stop with Triple Deckers.

Let’s get to it:

Mendelson’s gets uber respect because they are a Boar’s Head Deli.  But yet in the National Semifinal, that alone wasn’t enough for Lori’s (also a Boar’s Head Deli) to take down The Gristmill.  The Gristmill thrives on simplicity: top quality Turkey on wheat bun with a special sauce that will knock your socks off.  No fancy shit going here.  Just a straight forward Turkey Sandwich.

After hours of deliberation and arguments (furniture was thrown), our panel of judged have emerged with a champion: Mendelson’s.  As the Head Honcho of this panel of judges, it came down to selection.  Mendelson’s offers a variety of Turkey: Salsalito, Pastrami Seasoned, Smoked, Roasted, etc.  That was just too much for the Gristmill to contend with.

By no means does this take anything from a very “game” Turkey Sandwich from The Gristmill.  They are a champion in their own right, just not of this tournament.

Turkey Sandwich Madness – The Final Four

Unlike the Men’s Basketball Final Four, we’re going to have some battle royales in the Turkey Sandwich Final Four.

In our first National Semifinal, we have Mendelson’s of Denver, CO taking on Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks also of Denver, CO.

The Tale of the Tape

  • Mendelson’s is a Boar’s Head Deli, Pat’s uses REAL (not processed Turkey) – PUSH
  • Mendelson’s has at least 4 styles of Turkey, Pat’s has two Turkey Sandwiches – Advantage Mendelson’s
  • Mendelson’s has triple decker Turkey Sandwiches, Pat’s has a sandwich that is as long as my arm – PUSH
  • Parking at Mendelson’s is a pain in the ass, parking at Pat’s (downtown) is a pain in the ass – PUSH

In the end, Mendelson’s noses out Pat’s because of their Turkey Sandwich selection.  Pat’s is a strong competitor, but Mendelson’s goes to the final.

In our second National Semifinal, Lori’s Boars Head Deli of Evergreen, CO takes on The Gristmill of New Braunfels, TX.

Tale of the Tape

  • Lori’s is a Boar’s Head deli, Gristmill has kickass Turkey too – PUSH
  • Lori’s has a really good deli mustard, Gristmill has prime sauce – Advantage Gristmill
  • Lori’s is at a gas station, Gristmill is an old mill on the Guadalupe River – Advantage Gristmill

All of the Turkey Sandwich prognoticators were picking an all Boar’s Head Deli match-up in the finals, but in a huge upset, The Gristmill has defeated Lori’s.

That sets up a Championship of Mendelson’s vs. The Gristmill.  Colorado vs. Texas.  Wow.

Mendelson’s is Here to Please

I had a meeting in Downtown Denver yesterday morning, which presented the perfect opportunity to stop by Mendelson’s for Turkey Sandwich.

One of the things I like about Mendelson’s is that they sent me an email talking shit about Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli.  I respect a delicatessen that isn’t afraid to talk shit about its competition.

As I started to order my Turkey Sandwich, I asked if I could make a special request.  Now, I’m not going to tell you assholes what my special request was, because I don’t need you making the same request and backing up the line.

The response to my special request was “we don’t really do that…but what do you want?”  i told them, and the guy said, “Yeah, I can do that.  We’re here to please.”  And they prepared my sandwich as I requested.

Triple Decker Turkey Sandwich

And damn, was it good.  It was a Pastrami seasoned Turkey Sandwich with Pepperjack Cheese.  And let me tell you – that is a magical combination.

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Turkey Sandwich Madness – Final Four

It’s been a great weekend of basketball, but it’s going to be an even better week of Turkey Sandwiches.  Today, we announce the Turkey Sandwich Madness Final Four.

In the Sliced Bread Region:

Game 1 pits #1 seed, Zoka’s against Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks.  Wow.  This is a really tough match-up and very easily could have been a battle for the championship.  When it comes down to it, I’ve only had Zoka’s once, and although it was an incredible Turkey Sandwich, I don’t know about their consistency.  I would go back and have another one, but it’s a long drive and they change their menu pretty often.  What if I drove all the way there and it wasn’t on the menu?  I don’t have to worry about that with Pat’s – and for that reason alone, they advance…it a tight one.

Game 2 has Brick Store vs. Lori’s Boar’s Head Deli.  Geez, this is another really tough one.  Both are incredible sandwiches.  Brickstore grills their TS to perfection and has that delicious mustard.  Lori’s uses Boar’s Head Turkey and serves the sandwich hot.  Lori’s wins by the slimmest of margins.  It hurts, but someone must go home.

Game 3  has long-time juggernaut, The Gristmill against Whole Foods.  This one is pretty easy as Gristmill advances since they have a secret weapon – prime sauce.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s good.

Our final match-up of the day is Mendelson’s against P’sghetti’s.  My old hometown vs. my new one.  I had P’sgetti’s last time I visited St. Louis and I have to admit – it wasn’t as good as I remembered.  Mendelson’s moves on to the Final Four.

There you have it.  Our Final Four is set and it will be:

Pat’s vs. Lori’s Boar’s Head Deli

Gristmill vs. Mendelson’s

What a battle this is going to be.

Cheba Hut is Smart

I was delightfully surprised to see that a representative from Cheba Hut left a comment on the Turkey Sandwich Report a couple days ago. Not only am I impressed that Cheba Hut is in touch with what people are saying about them on the internet, but I am double impressed with them being smart enough to ask me to help develop a new Turkey Sandwich.

Yes, you read that right. Cheba Hut has asked me to help develop a new Turkey Sandwich. I have responded to the Cheba Hut executives and told them that I would be interested in helping them build their Turkey Sandwich arsenal.

More to come on this as news becomes available.

When I Open a Sandwich Joint, it’s Gonna Be a Cheba Hut

I was faced with a really tough decision today. Pickle Barrel or Cheba Hut?

I was in Fort Collins, home of the Pickle Barrel (which Josh highly recommended) and Cheba Hut (which Rippe recommended). By no means am I saying that that Rippe is smarter, but I went with Cheba Hut. I was just really intrigued with their theme – which is apparently based on some kind of ancient peace pipe/smoking ritual.

Cheba Hut Sign

Cheba Hut offers three sandwich size options:

  • Nug
  • Pinner
  • Blunt

I went with an Afgani Blunt because that’s how I roll. The Afgani is Turkey, Jalapenos, and Pepper Jack cheese. It looks disgusting, but it was actually a pretty dope. I ate half during lunch and saved the other half for my afternoon snack. The weird thing about this Turkey Sandwich is that I think I liked second half better after it had sat in my car for a couple hours.

The Afgani (Turkey Sandwich)

And, BTW: get their house dressing. It’s a red wine vinaigrette and it’s DANK!