I Ate Don Juan

Josh at work has been talking a big game about Fat Jack’s.  It seems like every time he goes out for lunch by himself he goes to Fat Jack’s.  I called him out on that today and I made him take me to the elusive Fat Jack’s today.  Well, I drove, but I made him tell me where to go.

The weird thing is that someone was asking me just a couple days ago if I ever eat Turkey and Salami sandwiches.  Well, low and behold – Fat Jack’s has a sandwich called the Don Juan and it has Turkey and Salami.  That made my selection pretty easy.

The sandwich was solid.  Good bread, good meat, good cheese.  The most memorable part was the dijon mustard.  Pretty damn strong, but I liked it.

The other thing I like about Fat Jack’s is that it is exactly what I would build if I built a sandwich shop.  Take out only.  I wouldn’t want people sitting around taking up my space and making a mess that I have to clean up.  Get your sandwich and get the hell out.  Well played, Fat Jack’s.