The 2015 Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Sandwich gets Spicy

Not the kind of spicy you might think… the kind that happens on the Spice channel.


Thanksgiving Leftover: Instagram-style

I do not have time for an elaborate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich this year. Peace and love, peace and love.  I’m warning you with peace and love, peace and love, I will not have time to film and edit anything beyond this Instagram video. Anyway, peace and Love, peace and love.

2012 Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich

It’s here.  The 2012 Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have done a video this year if it were not for you, the loyal Turkey Sandwich Report Nation.  You guys demanded a video and I think I came through for you in a big way.

This year, I really challenged myself.  I asked Mrs. Turkey Sandwich to pick out the ingredients and then I would work my magic from there – just like the show Chopped.  Let me say this with all sincerity and seriousness.  The sandwich that I created in this video was incredible.  Make this sandwich now.

Let’s roll the tape:

I Pre-Party Before Thanksgiving

If you beat yourself up for dipping into the Thanksgiving goodies before Dinner is ready, you shouldn’t.  Thanksgiving is like any other big event and warrants a “pre-party”.  A warm-up to make sure the you’re race ready and ready for primetime.

Today, the day before Thanksgiving I primed my pump with a BBQ Turkey Sandwich from Whole Foods.

Now let me be clear: I’m a big fan of Whole Foods but I’ve beat them up pretty good when it comes to sandwiches.  I’m not sure what it is, but no matter what sandwich I order from their deli, it tastes like a dog’s breakfast (i.e., a bunch of ingredients that taste like they’ve been thrown together without any thought or consideration.)

Today was a different story.  In what started as a simple scouting trip to check to see if their Turkey was Thanksgiving-worthy, turned into a delicious sandwich that has put Whole Foods back on the sandwich map.

I was a simple sandwich: fresh cut Turkey, BBQ sauce, dill pickles and onions.  Really nice.

And if you’re wondering, yes, the Turkey was Thanksgiving-worthy.

What’s missing in this photo?

Turkey plate, originally uploaded by nealdstewart.

I stopped by Boston Market on my way home from getting my haircut this afternoon. Yes, Boston Market is still in business.

I went a little outside of my comfort zone and ordered the Turkey Platter instead of a Turkey Sandwich. Huge mistake. Unless it’s Thanksgiving, eating Turkey and gravy sans bread is boring.

But don’t worry. I rallied at the last second and toasted a couple slices of bread, busted out the cheese and transformed that boring ass Turkey Platter into a respectable Turkey Sandwich.

The lessons of the day:
1. Bread matters.
2. So does cheese.
3. Respect sandwiches.

Don’t Blow Your Wad on Dinner

Today begins the Mardi Gras of Turkey Sandwiches and this is a friendly reminder not to blow your wad on Thanksgiving Dinner.  I’m not saying you can’t eat till your full, but it’s easy to gorge yourself to the point where you can’t eat for the rest of the day.  It’s a common mistake and I’m here to remind you NOT to do that.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Eat early.  I recommend a late lunch, maybe around 1:30.
  2. Lay down on the couch and watch the Lions get their ass beat… slowly doze off.
  3. Wake up invigorated. Go outside and toss the football around for 10 minutes.
  4. Come back inside and start planning out a Turkey Sandwich.  Get those stomach juices flowing.
  5. Around 6pm – get after it.  Make yourself a kick-ass Turkey Sandwich.

Easy as that, folks.  Just don’t blow your wad too early.  That’s not good for anyone.

How Does The Turkey Sandwich Report Celebrate “Turkey Day”?

Over the past week everyone has been asking me “So, how does the Turkey Sandwich Report celebrate Turkey Day?”

You should be ashamed to ask me that question.

I celebrate it with a motherfucking Turkey Sandwich, that’s how.  How did you think I celebrated it?  With a bowl of Cheerios?

And by the way – I don’t care for the term “Turkey Day”.  In fact, I don’t celebrate “Turkey Day” because that would lead one to believe that Turkey is only a part of my life ONE day out of the year.  I celebrate Turkey Sandwiches 24/7 – 365.  So, don’t bring that “Turkey Day” shit to my kitchen or you might get busted upside your head.