Best Turkey Sandwich Report Comment Ever

With apologies to people like Chris Pleimann’s Lisp and St.Loo Frenchy,  the best comment ever to be posted on this blog goes to Austin.  He commented on my post, “Whaever Mojo Scholotzky’s Had, it’s Gone Now”:

Nice job, Austin!

I read your silly little comment about schlotzsky’s while trying to do a project for school. Let me tell you: your statements are about as ignorant as they are stupid. Sounds like a typical bitch from a typical bitchy customer.
If you don’t like eating the same smoked turkey breast sandwich, EAT SOMETHING ELSE. Christ. I don’t eat the smoked turkey the way it comes. It’s made that way because it’s on the ‘light’ menu and for people who count their calories and bullshit. Its the most plain sandwich we have. I’m sorry that’s the one you’ve chosen to eat, try experimenting for your damn self and order something new.
My mom and dad bought a schlotzskys when I was 7 years old. It’s been 10 years now, their store didn’t make it, but I’m currently working at a different schlotzsky’s. Never have I gotten bored of their menu, because I always mix it up with different food. If you don’t like olives, ASK FOR THEM OFF. If you want cheese, ASK FOR IT. You make it seem like it’s schlotzsky’s fault for not satisfying your tastebuds. Sorry dumbass, nobody can read your mind. Sometimes you have to venture out on your own.
As for their pizzas, they’ve got some of the best around. You’ll never find crust like the kind they have at schlotzsky’s. It’s unbelievably tasty. And you can pile pizzas high with toppings and drip some Louisiana Hot sauce on for the perfect flavors. There’s so many different sandwiches and pizzas you can make it’s ridiculous. To call them plain or boring is only a lack of your own creativity, and a huge sign of ignorance. People like you make the world a shitty place to live. GO make your own damn sandwich, bitch.