What to do with those pesky ham leftovers.

It happens every year: You get a big-ass ham for Christmas Dinner and get stuck with a bunch of leftovers.  And we all know ham is not nearly as versatile as Turkey, so you’re pretty much stuck with plain ol’ ham sandwiches all the way through New Year’s.  Bo-ring.

So what can you do to take that boring ass ham sandwich to the next level?

The short answer is: Add Turkey.

The long answer is: buy a little Turkey and and bacon before Christmas.  Hide the Turkey  and don’t tell anyone you have it.  Once Christmas is over and everyone is resorting to a ham sandwich with yellow mustard, you discreetly bust out your Turkey and bacon.  Add to your ham sandwich and boom, you have a CLUB Sandwich.

Be warned, the vultures will come after your Turkey. It’s up to you as whether  you share or not.  Personally, I don’t, but that’s me.

The even longer answer is my Club Sandwich recipe:

  • King’s Hawaiian Rolls
  • Add a few slices of ham (I recommend Honeybaked Ham)
  • Add Turkey
  • Add Bacon
  • Sharp Provolone Cheese
  • Spread some French Onion Dip on the bread
  • Stack it high
  • Eat