I Like em’ BIG.

I was in one of my favorite towns this past week: Annapolis, MD.  And whenever I’m in Annapolis, I make it a point to stop by Chick & Ruth’s Delly for a sandwich and plate of fried potatoes.

There are literally dozens and dozens of sandwiches to order at Chick & Ruth’s – most of them named after politicians and their favorite sandwich.  As I combed thru all of the sandwich options, I noticed that there aren’t too many sandwiches of the Turkey variety, which says a lot about our politicians, right?  So right as I was about to order a Hot Dog, I noticed that they have a category of sandwiches called “Colossals”.  From there I knew that I was going for it.  I was going to order the biggest Turkey Sandwich I have ever had.

Being the Turkey Sandwich hot shot that I am, I ordered off of the menu and went with a Turkey/Pastrami with Swiss.  Bread choice: Rye.

Colossal Turkey Sandwich at Chick & Ruth's

The amazing thing about this Turkey Sandwich is that is was just as good cold (4 hours later) as it was hot.  The chees has coagulated a little and the Rye bread was a little soggy, but it was delicious in a completely different way.

And to answer the question all of you smart asses out there are asking: NO, I did not eat the whole thing.  But you can expect this sandwich to be making an appearance in the Turkey Top 10.

Memo to All of You Smart Asses: Yes, I DO Occasionally Order a Salad

From time to time, we get some rather rude messages here at Turkey Sandwich HQ.  Things like:

“Yo fat ass, why don’t you mix in a salad once in a while?”


“Hey Fat Sajak, give the Turkey Sandwiches a rest and try some celery sticks!”

Ok, listen here smart asses:

  1. I DO order salads occasionally.
  2. I’m a big fan of salads.
  3. I absolutely love Taco Salads and I love me a good Chicken Caesar on a pretty frequent basis.
  4. All of you that have made comments like this are a bunch of assholes.

I apologize to all of the innocent bystanders that had to be exposed to this.  Like most things, leave it to a few rotten apples to ruin it for the rest of us.  I promise they will not ruin the fun we’re having here at the Turkey Sandwich Report.

I actually ordered a side salad with my Turkey Cuban Sandwich today at Heroes Pub in Annapolis, MD.  The Turkey Cuban was awesome (especially when I threw a little Old Bay seasoning on there) and the side salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette was the perfect compliment.  Throw in a beer and I had myself one hell of a lunch.

Turkey Cuban Sandwich and Salad at Heroes

Just an Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich

I had the distinct pleasure of dining at a national treasure today: Chick and Ruth’s in Annapolis, MD.

Yes, the chocolate chip waffles looked scrumptious.  Yes, the sausage looked savory.  And yes the pancakes looked fantastic.

But I did my Turkey Sandwich Report duty, and ordered a Turkey Sandwich, the Turkey Club actually.

Turkey Sandwich at Chick and Ruth's

It may not look like much, but it was good. No messing around.  Just a straight Turkey Sandwich on toasted wheat bread.

Now you might have noticed those potatoes on the side.  Let me tell you something about those potatoes: They were fucking amazing.  I could have eaten a 55 lb drum of those.

If you’re ever in Annapolis, make a special effort to stop by Chick and Ruth’s.  The owner might even come by and do stupid magic trick for you.  And tell ’em Lutz sent you.