The Eastside Deli Gives a Shit

I like it when people have passion for their craft.  Doesn’t matter what their craft is, but I like it when they give a shit about it.

East Side Deli, Portland, OR

The guys at Eastside Deli on SE Hawthorn in Portland, OR give a shit about sandwiches.  Here’s why:

  1. We had an intelligent conversation about spreads.
  2. They were able to make recommendations on what meats should be combined.
  3. Eastside deli proudly puts Boar’s Head deli meats on all of their subs.
  4. They offer the option to toast your sandwich.  And not with one of those phony toasters (like a certain chain of subshops we all know).  They use a REAL toaster.  And I wouldn’t feel weird about asking them to double-toast my sandwich.
  5. They listened when I told them that they need to add Turkey Pastrami to their menu.
  6. They have big-ass sandwiches – BUT (and this is the key) they are smart enough to wrap each half individually.  Only a true sandwich aficionado would know to do this.  And obviously, they use butcher paper – not that foo foo tissue paper bullshit.

As for the sandwich – it was good.  They only offer two turkey flavors (mesquite and low salt) so I was a little limited on my meat selection.  I’d also like to see some addtional cheese offerings.  But I love the selection of spreads and toppings as well as the love they put into their craft.

Interestingly, I enjoyed the second half of my sandwich the next morning and I liked it better.  Maybe that gave the horseradish and sun dried tomato spreads a little extra time to marinate the sandwich.

My advice to East Side Deli: expand the menu just a little.  But keep doing what you’re doing.  As long as you don’t fucking start cutting corners, you’ll be fine.  I’ll be back in a few weeks to check on you.

I Went to the HEB Today

Grocery stores in Denver pretty much suck. 

First of all they make you use those fucking frequent shopper cards to get the discounts so they can stalk you and know what you buy.  I refuse to carry them.  I’ll ask for a new one every time,  I don’t care.

Second of all, most of the checkers and baggers are little punk-ass fuckwads and never do any fucking work.  Don’t worry about it guys, I actually enjoy bagging my fucking groceries.

I digress.

Third of all, they don’t carry Boar’s Head deli meats.  They insist on carrying that second rate crap. 

I’ve been in San Antonio over the weekend and you damn well know I stopped by the HEB today to pick up some Boar’s Head deli meat.  I went with the Salsalito since I haven’t had it in a while.  I never really took the time to appreciate HEB’s vast selection of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses while I lived here.  They even had Boar’s Head Sauerkraut!  I thought about buying it, just as a memento.

Pictures and shit on the way.  I’m using someone else’s computer this weekend and they’ll probably freak out if I log them out of their Yahoo account, so you’ll just have to wait until I can get into my own Flickr account.

I Call Bullshit

I had the Turkey Club at an upscale Hotel bar/restaurant last night.  On their menu, they specifically said that the use Boar’s Head Turkey.  That is bullshit.  I know Boar’s Head Turkey and that WAS NOT Boar’s Head Turkey.  Liars!

In fact, I didn’t even finish the sandwich.  I left almost half of it on the plate.  That was a first.

Plus, I got an amazingly bad stomach ache in the middle of the night.  Then, in the morning…let’s just say that my body rid itself of this farce of a Turkey Sandwich.

But, not to worry I got back on the Turkey Sandwich train this morning.  I actually gave Quizno’s a second chance.  I stopped by, mostly out of convenience, and got their new “Sammies” which are sandwiches on flatbread pits.  You eat them like a taco.  Not bad actually.  I’m still trying to work up the nerve to ask them to toast my sandwich twice, but I just hate being that guy than needs special service.

But then again, I am the World’s Foremost Authority of Turkey Sandwiches.