A Special Chicago Edition of The Turkey Sandwich Report

It was quite a week in Chicago.  Baseball, bars, meetings and of course Turkey Sandwiches.

First off, I resolved some major confusion.  I had heard a lot of big talk about the Turkey Sandwich at the Nordstrom’s on Michigan Avenue.  I made a stop at their cafe a few weeks back and it wasn’t all that much.  It’s was ok, but not what people were telling me.

THIS WEEK, I realized that all of these people, including my boss, Bob Strausser (who has been nagging me like an old housewife to be mentioned in the TSR) led me astray.  They were talking about a place in the mall food court, NEAR Nordstroms – not IN Nordstrom’s.  Big difference.

This place, which happens to be called Jaffa Roasted Turkey is the fucking shit.  They use real turkey and soak it in broth before stacking it on the sandwich.  I went there twice this week.  The Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich is like crack.

I also stopped by the New York City Bagel Deli and had a Turkey Reuben (made with Boar’s Head Pastrami Turkey.  This is a really nice sandwich – and what makes it nice is that they heated it up perfectly.  Not too hot and gooey, but gooey enough.  Plus, the Boar’s Head Turkey doesn’t hurt either.

Nice work, Chicago, but the Cubs still suck.

The Messiest Non-condimented Turkey Sandwich Ever

Bakemans Sandwich, originally uploaded by nealdstewart.

When you get a Turkey Sandwich at Bakeman’s, you either do it the Bakeman’s way or the Highway.You can’t get your bread toasted.

  • You can’t get your bread toasted. It’s against the rules.
  • You have to make your decisions fast. They don’t have time for your indecisive bullshit. Tell them what you want on your sandwich and move on.
  • They’ll also try to up-sell your ass with over priced sodas, chips and desserts.
  • It’s mayo, yellow mustard or nothin’.

But they use REAL turkey and that makes it all worth it. The result is a sloppy-ass sandwich and I’m completely fine with that.

And make sure you get some cornbread too.

Turkey Neck

Everyone knows that I have given Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks here in Denver big time exposure here on the Turkey Sandwich Report. But today, I am questioning my allegiance.

I was in the middle of enjoying my Turkey Sandwich during lunch today and all of the sudden, I got something pretty crunchy. I thought it was skin, since Pat’s uses real Turkey. I pulled it out of my mouth and this is what I found:


Turkey neck?  Vertabrae? Cartillage?

But you know what?  I’m OK with this.  At least they use real Turkey and not the processed shit.  I guess this is proof.