My Opinion on Jimmy John’s

Bootlegger Club from Jimmy John's

I’ve always been kind of undecided on Jimmy John’s.  Aside from the fact that their Downtown Denver location is complete pain in the ass to get to, their menu is a bit on the boring side.  None of their sandwiches really jump out at me.  But I like their turkey and I like their bread.

But this is the Turkey Sandwich report and no one comes to this blog to get polyanna Turkey Sandwich opinions.  So it’s high time, I give you the low down on Jimmy John’s.  Ratings are based on a five point scale.

Bread – 3 – They would get a 4, but they don’t offer wheat bread for the subs, just straight white bread.  I’m not a big white bread fan, but theirs is pretty good and always tastes fresh.

Meat – 3 – It’s pretty good.  The roast beef makes for a good combo with the Turkey and I think their ham is applewood smoked.  That’s solid.

Service – 2 – Here’s my main issue with Jimmy John’s.  They make their sandwiches REALLY fast.  When you order, you BETTER know EXACTLY what you want right when you order.  If you forget to mention “no tomatoes” right off the bat, it’s too late.  They’re already on there.   On top of that, the two dudes working there tonight looked like they were baking more than bread in the back.

Selection – 2 – Every time I go into Jimmy John’s I stare at their menu for 10 minutes before I can figure out what I want.  And the “plain slims” don’t make any sense to me.  Why can’t I get some lettuce thrown on there?

Overall, I give Jimmy John’s a solid 2.5 out of 5.  How’s that for a definitive opinion?

I am an Arbys Apologist

Homer Simpson once said, “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.”

I think that is totally unfair and I am here today to say that I am am an “Arby’s Apologist” and enjoy eating their food.  Their Turkey Reuben is solid.  Their Turkey Bacon Club is pretty damn good.  And let’s not forget their Cherry Turnover which is a piece of heaven.

And I’ll throw down a Beef n’ Cheddar every once in a while too.

I like Arby’s ok?  Look at how tasty the Turkey Bacon Club looks (minus the tomatoes, of course).

Arby's Turkey Bacon Club