Faux Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches have Jumped the Shark

Blame this one on the Paradise Bakery in the B Terminal at Denver International Airport:

Faux Thanksgiving leftover Turkey Sandwiches have JUMPED THE SHARK.

Sorry, Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks.

Sorry, Marczyk’s Fine Foods.

Sorry, Which Wich.

All of you have really good Turkey/Cranberry/Thanksgiving-type sandwiches.  But Paradise Bakery screwed the whole thing up with a total piece of crap sandwich that has cranberry sauce.

Therefore, I officially declare: these sandwiches have JUMPED THE SHARK and I am officially on a 60 day sabbatical from any Turkey Sandwich that has cranberry sauce on it.

(Fool’s) Paradise Bakery

Shame on me. I should have known better than to get a Turkey Sandwich from a bakery.

Red Flag #1: When I ordered the Turkey Cranberry, they already had one made. Unfortunately, I pussed out and didn’t ask for one to be made fresh and went with it.

Red Flag #2: The lady had trouble wrapping it because there was so much crap on the sandwich. That’s a sign of a poorly constructed sandwich.

The result: A sloppy ass sandwich that was too soggy to eat (see photo below). I HATE soggy sandwiches. It reminds me of those pre-made airport sandwiches.

pardise bakery

But, this is partly my fault. I should have had the balls to ask for a fresh sandwich. I’m better than that. If they didn’t oblige, I should have walked my ass out of there and gone to Pat’s. Mea culpa.