The Managers at Jimmy John’s are Pricks (allegedly)

Enough of this warm and fuzzy shit.  It’s time for The Turkey Sandwich to start serving up some hard-hitting journalism.  It’s time to start talking about the REAL issues that matter.  Like the shit that going down at Jimmy John’s in Pioneer Square (Seattle).  These are real issues with real people and The Turkey Sandwich isn’t going to just turn away and act like it’s not going on.

When I left the office to find my lunch I hadn’t a care in the world.  But when I got back to the office, I was burdened with the knowledge of real atrocities going on in the world of Sandwich Making.  We would all like to act like this shit isn’t happening.  But it is.

Meet Jason (right) and his knucklehead friend:

Jimmy John's Protest

Jason was done wrong by some asshole manager at Jimmy John’s.  You see, Jason is a bike messenger and he doesn’t make dick for money.  So he took a second job at Jimmy John’s to make a little extra cash.

Apparently the management at Jimmy John’s had a problem with the stench Jason would drag in to the shop when he showed up to work.  “Valid point” you might say, but here’s the deal:  It wasn’t Jason that stunk, it was his work shirt.  And Jimmy John’s only gave him one fucking shirt.  Jason doesn’t live in some swanky house with a washer and dryer.  Jason can’t afford to be going out to do laundry before every shift.  So the shirt stunk.

Jason tells me that he very politely explained his dilemma and requested another shirt from the jerkoffs at Jimmy John’s.  And like the sons of bitches that they are, they rejected his request.

So Jason and his knucklehead friends picket Jimmy John’s and explain his plight to anyone who will lend an ear.  Jason is willing to negotiate.  He’s willing to get his job (with the addition of a couple more work shirts) back or will accept just two months of severance pay.

The Turkey Sandwich Report stands in solidarity with Jason.  We will not be patronizing ANY Jimmy John’s until this situation is rectified.

If any of the douchebags from Jimmy John’s would like to contact me, The Turkey Sandwich Report is ready and willing to mediate this stuation.  I hope we can reach a solution.  It’s in the best interest for all of us.

79 thoughts on “The Managers at Jimmy John’s are Pricks (allegedly)

  1. When I worked at a job where we had to wear uniforms and whenever I wanted another shirt I would just “forget” my work shirt and have to “borrow” one that i never gave back. But it’s fucked up for them not to give two shirts, I’m pretty sure that’s standard practice at most uniform based businesses….

  2. I work in the University District store and things are even grimmer here. The new GM by the name of John (I’ll with hold his last name) has gone Nazi fanatic, firing anyone that does not meet his rigorous standards of grooming (even though he is often unshaved) and physical appearance. In addition to the smelly guy (sorry, but that’s what he’s going by these days) several people have been fired at my store for a miscellany of reasons including one employe being shit canned for joining in on the protesting, another for having tattoos and large gauged ears despite him recently receiving an 100% satisfactory work performance review, and another because his shorts had cargo pockets and instead of letting him go the few blocks home to change he was flat out fired.

    All these people have been working for the company for over a year, one at least two years, and were each fired by John (or rather through John as he never did it himself or face to face) for the asinine reason of having “West Coast Attitude”. The way I and others see it is the issue isn’t with the free speech loving, tattoo having, pocket wearing employees but rather with the mid-west mentality that thinks most people with tattoos and piercings are “freaks”, as it was described to me by the man himself, John.

    This is of course the same man who continues to complain about not making enough in bonuses when everyone around him makes minimum wage, gives his friends and comrades free items when he is working to get rid of the employee discount, and has previously sold weed to a verified crack head IN THE STORE. I was an eye witness to that last one and only goes to show the clash of ideals that those of the corporate hierarchy of Jimmy Johns attempts to force upon the peons while the management takes a more liberal approach towards the rules.

    If there is to be any more picketing it should be at the U-District store. It’s bigger, takes in more business, and is the headquarters for all Seattle stores. Plus by being located next to the university I’m sure there will be no lack of supporters. With all the recent firings I’m sure there is no lack of ill will directed towards Jimmy Johns but there will only be more to come. In the last few days several people have been hired where there is no room more bodies. It’s our theory that there is about to be a massive lay off of people who have openly disapproved of the way things have been recently handled in an attempt to cull desentors. This, once again, masterminded by the cheating, drug dealing, General Manager at the University District Jimmy Johns.

  3. Hi Jimmy Johns Employee. I’m John, one of Jasons friends in his fight for fair treatment at Jimmy Johns. Do you have some contact info so you and I could talk more about management at you store? We know that management has fired a lot of people for ridiculous reasons, and we’ve worked with bike messengers there in the past who have been really mistreated (even someone who got hit by a car and then fired for asking for help with medical bills).

    Anyways, even just a casual meeting over some drinks would be nice. Feel free to email me at:

  4. Ok, Tshirts cost $15. Sure your broke cough it up. Its ridiculous. You wasted your time writing this blog instead of working. Thats only 2 hours of work to get a shirt. Instead you blame management for their “unfair” practices. They gave you a job. Be grateful. They told you how much the shirts cost before you start work. Don’t diss the chain because of your own stupidity. I have worked there as a register worker for a long time and frankly its a great job for me during high school. You must be pretty damn lame to have this as your normal job.

  5. This is to all you cheapskates in your air conditioned high rise offices (some who are my coworkers)- If you buy a sandwich from JJ’s and have it delivered. It’s a good idea to tip the poor schmo riding his/her ass off in 103 degree heat more than 15%.

  6. I worked beside John for quite some time and let me just say he is GREAT at what he does. I’d say one of the best. Did you know John worked at a corporate store in the mid-west for 4 years, and even managed at one his last year at corporate. For those of you who don’t know, when you work at a corporate store you follow all of the rules or you’re out. Especially @ JJ’s because at corporate you help train future GM’s across the US. These rules are not hard to follow when you know what they are. ANYWAYS I’ll get to the point. How are you gonna hate on John when all doing is following the rules….. JIMMY’s rules not Johns. The dress code is clearly posted in the back drivers area. It’s too bad none of the other managers followed the rules until now, then maybe John wouldn’t be targeted like he is. Are you people seriously protesting Jimmy Johns?? lol wtf??? Like its going to make a difference. Jason isn’t getting any money for refusing to shower! I mean come on wash your ass, didn’t your mom teach you that? Why don’t you protest rising gas prices, something that makes sense please!! I mean do you know why your even protesting JJ’s? And by the way Jimmy Johns DOES give 2 uniforms. Often times you’re even GIVEN another one when they get more. If you only got 1 uniform maybe it’s because they were out, in that case you should remind your manager you need another. I’m sure they have a lot more on their mind than your uniform. And Jason or whoever claims John is slangin in the lobby… you’re the only one that saw it because it happened in your imagination!!! So please why don’t you get the fuck off John, Glenn, and JJ’s nuts and wash yours.

  7. I agree with Cali. I ride a bike too but I see all you hipster ass wannabe bike messengers and when you pass me you WREAK. If you are seriously protesting because your boss fired you for coming to work smelling like B.O. then you are a bigger loser than I thought. Stay in Capitol Hill where they put up with that neo-hippie bullshit. You’re worse than ave rats I tell you …..

  8. I saw the picketers at the U-District Store today. I frequent the U-District location and have always thought the staff to be upbeat and that there was good vibe in the place. Sucks to hear that’s contrary to the fact.
    Couple of comments, Washington is an at-will state, which means that either the employer or the employee can end the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice and with our without cause.
    More info on this:

    Now I am in no means condoning anyone firing someone for the hell of it or because they “stink”. There are always two sides to every story. But, if anyone fired has a real case or everyone fired has the case to make a class action suit, then see a lawyer. But if these people were fired for reasons that violiated anything in the company’s employee manual, then there’s no case. Personal hygene is the employees responsbility and many retailers, especially food related, have strict standards about Tattoos, Piercings, etc.

    My sympathies to anyone out of work in this economic climate, but all the more reason to try make any job work and do what you need to, to keep it.

    Have any of the peolple unfairly fired contacted the corporate office? Does any any of the mangement that have allegedly fired people for no reason, have a superior / supervisor you can appeal to?

    As for picketing, I applaud your effort but have to kind of agree with Cali (above). Jason isn’t going to get his job back. It may avoid this sort of alleged treatment of other employees in the futre and perhaps that’s the goal. When I spoke with one of the picketers at the U-District he explained the plite of Jason but didn’t seem to have a goal, except in my opinion to spite Jimmy John’s.

  9. I was just fired. Ann Arbor Michigan. I was training to be a manager. It was like boot camp. No personal connection with you, just put you somewhere and when you screw up because they didn’t train you, they give fire eyes and act like you are stupid. I started to train guys that the manager couldn’t in the 8 days I worked. A little personal connectin goes a long way. Comradery.

    I also believe they are just as scared for their management job as everyone else is. I think I possed a threat to the the manager as he could see I would run the store no problem, just a matter of time. And my people would give genuine smiles as they would enjoy what they do.

    The managers can be handled easily in moderation, but they work you 13 hours a day with no break and don’t let you eat. Or at least highly discourage it. If you say I am starving, they will let you eat at 3 o’clock. Which is 9 ours into the shift. After being told you are a POS and stupid no matter how well you are doing, it gets to you.

    I was eventually terminated at the cheese slicer. I sliced faster in 8 days then the GM did in 5 years. And hit good weight. I was to weigh slices between 28 and 32 grams, but try to hit low for food cost. So I did. I was slamming them out fast (as I was instructed to do) and he came over all fire eyed (again) and asked what weight am I going for. I explained 28-32. He says NOO. 28-30 is the target. I said ya I know that, check it out. Look. Then he gets mad because I am doing good and he knows I could take his job if it goes any longer so he fires me.

    I asked the manager above him to look at my slicing and weigh it. It was all right on. If I was originally intructed to hit 28 without fail then thats what I would have done, but I was told to shoot low 28 to 30, so I did and still got yeld at. I asked the area manager to check my work, and all he did is stand their while the GM fired me. Then I call him and he puts the a label on the situation of insubordination. So I spoke my peice on how the GM is an emotinal criple but they are good buddies outside of work so it was all just soemthing to talk about while they drink and gamble on Monday.

  10. I agree with Cali and JJ Employee.

    #1 You don’t have to work there if you don’t want to. There are other crappy minimum wage jobs out there to make your life miserable.

    #2 John really is a douchbag.

  11. Boo fucking hoo! couch up the $15 bucks to get another shirt, or the $1.95 for a bar of soap you dirty douchbag (Fabreeze costs $.99 at walmart). I suggest you learn to bathe or this won’t be the only job you get fired from for being too lazy to shower.

  12. To former MIT: there is obviously a second side to this story, you probably got an attitude or were not doing something else right because there is NO WAY this would happen. None of the things you claimed happen are plausible, 13 hour days with no break to eat? Doubtful. Jimmy johns has VERY strict policies on how franchisees run their stores, and for good reason, they want the same experience all across the country in each store. If you are an employee and you won’t meet their expectations, expect to get fired. Oh and Im in the hotel in champaign Illinois. Here for three weeks of training, just finished the first week so I know what Im talking about. So please people understand that Jimmy johns is not this evil company all these disgruntled ex-employees make it out to be. Thanks for keeping an open mind. And to the people that were fired Im sorry that happened to you. Im not trying to be a jerk.

  13. JJs is not just another “fast food” service job where you can have the “fuck it” attitude. you actually have to try. It is much easier to be pissed off, fight, and not work than it is to meet expectations of the working world. Good luck in life. Im all about “standing up to the man”, but protesting dont pay the bills, chief.

    I dont know of any other business where the the Owner of a company (like jimmy himself) buys every employee a sandwich after working 6+ hours. PICs, you’ve done the paperwork… notice how freebies are taken out BEFORE royalty sales (what jimmy takes from)?

  14. They are evil. Its a fun place to work and some… some.. of the Corp. guy are cool but most of them dont know how to run a story with people that dont meet there standards. If Jimmy John’s fired people every time b/c of uniforms let me tell you now there would be NO college stores. PS Jimmy use to sell drugs out of his first story. And for the high school kid not every one live with there parents after high school and find a good job is hard to come by. Why would a bike message protest gas prices… that pretty much what he is doing

    I have 2 years on the job, i ride my bike to work… and Jason im sure you dont want to work there now but if you need a shirt let me know i have alot of them… and no i only got 1 when i started but they gave me more.

    Denver Dirty Dee

    there like zombie evil

  15. I am a Jimmy Johns manager from the chicagoland area. I love all my workers and they all love me. We have a good time at work and there is nothin but smiles and jokes all around. Employees eat as much free food as they want, whenever they feel hungry and we are not super busy. We hang out afterwork sometimes and everyone is pretty good at their job!

    So I don’t think its really right for you to trash the brand name. We have only fired 4 people in over 2 years of buisness, and If you have this bad of an attitude I would have totally fired you. As far as dress code goes its important to the sales aspect to have presentable employees. No one, especialy older people wants to see their food made by smelly kids with dyed hair and huge holes in their ears.


  16. If you’re the same Jon from the university store in seattle not as many people like you as you think. In fact most talk major shit behind your back. hahaha.

  17. Jon, as a fellow manager I’ll tell you if you are really giving your employees as much free food as they want then you are severely breaking company policy. Employees are allowed one free sandwich per 8 hour shift and a 50% discount on one sandwich if they work less than that. Of course in my opinion you are simply lying and don’t even sound like you work at Jimmy Johns.

    I kind of side with the kid. Biking around for 8 hours every day in summer heat it makes it nigh impossible to keep yourself smelling like daisies (those of you who say he simply needs a shower or to wear deodorant clearly aren’t avid bikers). Plus if you don’t have a lot of money and just started you probably don’t have the extra $20 for another shirt. Some managers are willing to lend you one but his clearly was an asshole. Problem is even with things like company standards it’s still up to the manager whether or not he wants to be a prick. Jimmy Johns overall isn’t a bad place to work. As long as you pull your weight and at least TRY to meet the dress code you will keep your job. We have plenty of people on staff with visible tattoos but they are awesome employees so we keep them on even though we get marked down on it every time we have a corporate audit.

  18. I am a GM in a Grand Rapids are store and you are a bum. Why should your co workers have to smell your dirty ass all day because you wont pay 15 dollars to buy a shirt? Keep sitting around and expecting people to hand you stuff and you will live your life on that corner. Former MIT “They make you work 13 hours a day and frown upon you eating just one meal”… That is a flat out lie. JJs is strict but having been around the restaurant business for some time I can tell you that it is one of the most well ran establishments in the business.

  19. I work for a Jimmy John’s in Seattle. The corporation micro-manages and constantly talks down to the general managers who in turn treat their employees in the same manner. This is not an issue of one employee being a ‘bum’, no person deserves to be put in the work environment that Jimmy Johns present. I have worked more corporations and I have no issues with dress codes or any of Jimmy Johns official policies. I due take issue with the absence of a respectful work environment. I follow the rules and I wish in return I would not have to continually hear sexist,racist, and all around unprofessional comment, all jobs need to be professional even if it is not a particular high paying one.

    The business strategy used by JJ is effective, but leaves GM’s and employees alike discouraged due to the precision of their policies. They leave no room for human error, and more so any kind of humanity. They give you no job security. Your job tasks are set up so they are singular and therefore you are completely disposable. I understand that sandwiches are not complicated, but someone who comes into work everyday should be able to know that their job is going to be their tomorrow
    The business strategy used by JJ is effective, but leaves GM’s and employees alike discouraged due to the precision of their policies. They leave no room for human error, and more so any kind of humanity. They give you no job security. Your job tasks are set up so they are singular and therefore you are completely disposable. I understand that sandwiches are not complicated, but someone who comes into work everyday should be able to know that their job is going to be their tomorrow.

    Protesting Jimmy Johns makes sense. If people are experiencing mistreatment in the work place we should encourage employees to assert their rights or potentially more severe mistreatment will ensue.

    Once I am able to leave my position with this company, I will not be supporting them and I will discourage any one else from doing so.

  20. I work for a Jimmy John’s in Seattle. The corporation micro-manages and constantly talks down to the general managers, who in turn treat their employees in the same manner. This is not an issue of one employee being a ‘bum’, no person deserves to be put in the work environment that Jimmy John’s present. I have worked other corporations and I take no issue with dress codes or any of Jimmy John’s official policies. I do take issue with the absence of a respectful work environment. I follow the rules, and I all I ask in return is to not be constantly subjected to sexist,racist, and all around unprofessional comments. All jobs need to be professional, even if it is not a particularly high-paying one.

    The business strategy used by JJ is effective, but it leaves GM’s and employees alike discouraged due to the precision of their policies. They leave no room for human error, and more-so any kind of humanity. They give you no job security. Your tasks are set up so they are singular and therefore you are completely disposable. I understand that sandwiches are not complicated, but someone who comes into work everyday should be able to know that their job is going to be there tomorrow.

    Protesting Jimmy Johns makes sense. If people are experiencing mistreatment in the work place we should encourage employees to assert their rights or more severe unethical treatment will ensue.

    Once I am able to leave my position with this company, I will not be supporting them and I will discourage any one else from doing so.

  21. I have a friend who is about to open a JJ franchise. He is training at a franchise store. They have been working him 13 hours without letting him take a break. They also refused to let him have a free sandwich and he had to pay for it. If this is the way that they treat a fellow franchisee who is giving them free labor, I can only imagine how they would treat an employee. I know that my friend looks down upon his prospective employees. This business is merely a way for fat cats to get fatter while exploiting minimum wage employees. He even plans on exploiting his managers. He actually hired an assistant manager at $26,000 a year (with bonus potential) and told the manager that she would have to work 60 – 80 hours per week.

  22. I just wanna say I worked with Jason and he smelled like horse shit. Also the guy that fired him ,whos name is Jack, gave him multiple shirts and multiple opportunities to come to work smelling less like a foot. The reason Jason was fired was because a corporate auditor personally told Jack that he needed to do something about him. I’m assuming Jack took that as a last straw kinda thing.

    Remarkably, Jason actually owes Jimmy Johns money do to a paycheck mistake. HR sent the same labor numbers twice on accident and Jason had worked less hours during the mistake pay period. So he received money for the hours he had worked on his previous pay period. WHOOPS.

    Its funny though, about 15 drivers work at JUST the U-district store and NO ONE else has been fired for smelling like shit.

    Honestly, I dont care if he pickets. Unless he pickets where I work and I have to walk by him when I go inside…..


  23. Dude, they probably told you no when you asked for another shirt for FREE. I have 1 good shirt and make it smell good for up to 5 days straight without any issue, I drive in a car so different than your bike issue, but are you forced to use a bike and why not a car? And honestly most people with the plugs in the ears smell bad anyways, I was just talking with a friend of mine who is high up in the company about ear plugs and how no one at JJ’s should have them because they are simply not clean, and kind of ridiculous anyways.

  24. THANK GOD I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK ABOUT THE EVIL THAT JIMMY JOHN’S PRACTICES. I was hired at the mill street store in Tempe back in January. I was broke and very grateful to land a delivery job where i could use my bike. JJ is a great marketer, i’ll give him that. Very colorful decor with lots of eye candy. As a matter of fact, when Jimmy himself visited his instructions to the manager were,”hire more girls.” I was 38yrs old at the time and black. I’m not playin’ the R card but I know business is business and a food place in Arizona is lookin’ for a look. We all like lookin’ at the rabbits. Anyway, it was fun for a while and I had absolutely no other options. They will give you a sandwich after 10 hours but the shifts are designed for kids. so they overstaff a bunch of part-time workers and then just cut when they can. like i said, jimmy is a smart bizman; and he answers to his shareholders. After only a couple weeks there, employees on my level were picked and sent off to management training in IL. Managers are offered bonuses if they save the Co $. Thus the lack of free meals(discount was only 10%). Here’s something you don’t hear about but jj won’t deny because they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. If someone orders a sub but doesn’t pick it up; rather than let one of us pions eat it; THEY WILL DISMANTLE THE SANDWICH AND REUSE THE INGREDIENTS. When i said this was ridiculous, they told me I was crazy. They did give me a very nice shirt and I really loved my coworkers. Eventually I saw some very hardworking, beautiful people get let go and my other work picked up. I’m happy to say I quit last week. My mother would never be caught dead in a Wal-Mart; I’ve sworn that place off too. I honestly feel sorry for the young kids who don’t understand why it’s just wrong to throw away food and not feed the people who work for minimum wage. Hey to each his own, but I’m from Baltimore and Jimmie’s fatass wouldn’t last 5 minutes in that town. We have a lot more respect for each other; while still maintaining a very high bodycount. I once was yelled at for using too much soap while washing dishes. “SOAP IS EXPENSIVE” she said. “So are antbiotics,” I replied. Peace & love to all the hard workers. No matter where you were born.

  25. Ive worked for Jimmy Johns for the past year in Reno NV at 2 stores owned by the same owners (one of which the 7th busiest stores in the nation). I agree there are a lot of corporate rules that are kind of ridiculous, however, don’t hate on the guy who just does his job by enforcing them. I am a driver and i have a car. This car doesn’t have working A/C so i sweat a lot in the 100+ degree heat in reno. I wash my shirt once a week and still manage to keep smelling good. Shirts here cost $5 so I’m not sure if you’re lying or their crazy, but you cant expect a business to give you everything for free. Working 2 jobs can be hard but I’m sure you have enough time to go to your buddy’s/ parents/ neighbors house to wash your shirt for FREEEEEE!! I work with someone who used to smell horrible every time he came in and guess what? He got his shifts suspended. And about the whole break issue that keeps coming up; NV law requires a 15 min break on a 4 hour shift and a 30 min break for 8 hours. I don’t get a break unless i ask, most of the time i chose not to take my break because id rather take 5 more deliveries and actually make some money.. But sometimes everybody needs one. JOB SECURITY – I have pretty good job security, why is that? because i work my ass off, that’s why i work almost 40 hrs a week as well. JJ is the type of place that if you work really hard and make yourself valuable to the company they’re not going to get rid of you unless you do something ridiculous like spit in peoples food, flip the bird to other drivers, stupid things like that. So this is a free country and if you hate your job get an other one.

  26. Why I’ve never seen such lousy accusations!

    I want you all to ask yourselves a question… Did you take that job simply because you needed to ‘get by’? Almost everyone answers yes… or why would anybody work right! NOW for the real kicker… Overtime, did you enjoy your environment & have fun? Did the job challenge you & make you strive to do better? Can this or possibly even has this job already taken you to the next level? Do you know what it means to be Flawlessly Freaky Fast Mofo that can do it all? and FINALLY: Is this job going to be my ‘best foot forward’ towards my goals in life?

    Where has all your pride, completeness & integrity gone?

    Every Day there are new challenges & mistakes. The future (Tomorrow) represents your opportunity to do something about it!

    All I have read so far are the woes & whines of lazy, stinky assholes who got the idea stuck in their peanut galleries that we ( the achievers ) owe ’em. Who cares how long you work… the sun will rise again and you’ll have earned merit/status mentally & physically!

    ‘Fat Cats’ getting fatter exploiting labor & unrewarding?

    Not only are there ‘JJ’ rules and regulations against this but also state laws… an on a more personal note… I STARTED AT MINIMUM WAGE YOU F**king PRAT!

    Do you stink and possibly need a clean shirt?

    buy it for $15 and/or prove you deserve it!

    Complaining about breaks?

    Breaks are for pussies!

    Bosses down talk you?

    Wonder why!

    I’m here to tell you now that if you can’t make it here than you can’t make it there and that’s YOUR PROBLEM!

    Bunch o’ lolly gagging sissies trying to blame ‘The Man’ who will consistently ride your ass till you ”GIT ‘R DONE” the right way, the first time, the way it’s supposed to be done!

    You don’t like it? GOOD nobody asked you… Do me, your mom, ‘an the rest ‘o the world a favor and grow a pair you pencil pushing pecker heads!

    Yours Truly,
    ‘The M.A.N.’

    I feel ten times better ~8)


  27. Well JJ’s is usually locally owned so it’s up to the owner to hire/fire. I worked 3 weeks worked my ass off, and was fired because “they had to many employee’s”. Strange too, I was the only Caucasian (???, is what I’m called I guess) in a room full of African Americans. Also I didn’t receive breaks also.

  28. I’m a bicycle delivery driver for Jimmy John’s in downtown Chicago. I have three work shirts, they only cost us $5. The job is easy, the money is NOT bad, and my bosses are awesome.

  29. JJ sucks to work at not only does it suck corp are asshole
    owners are dicks some one always after your job by doing
    bad things to make you look are trained at corp
    and when go and apply what they train you managers say that
    shit does work here JJ is not a good places to work for.this is good site even jj himself I been told by locals in champaign il
    that jj is a hole went through corp training and pass if you want to work at jj good luck because by no means this is not good place to work.

  30. I used to work with the People in Seattle at the U-W store and boy let me tell you, their is some whiny ass ego trippen fuckin fags at that store! Their was 1 cool manager and his name was SEAN SPRATT the guy who hired me. I worked their almost 2 years and i myself had an experience with John “The NAZI” Nelligan. He seemed alright and i hung out with him a few times, but that dude was (Is) a fuckin snake. I quit cause for almost 2 years i was always put on the Back burner and never given an advancement oppurtunity. All i got was hate from those guys and they were 2 faced bitch made motherfuckers. The only cool people that i met their was my friends MIKE KATTS and TOM KATTS. Those people in seattle are really fake and Plastic.

  31. I work at a Jimmy Johns. For confidentiality reasons I won’t say where or include any names. I have a boss whom is a complete and utter asshole. He barely speaks at normal volume so when you ask him to repeat himself he gets pissed. Often he tries to make others believe they are idiots because he is one (common practice among morons who choose to be assholes). It is well known among the managers of his actions and in fact the area manager pointed this out to him clearly in terms that weren’t flattering (or so I heard). He has on multiple occasions shoved me out of the way instead of saying “excuse me.” He is of the school of thought that if his employees can’t do it right then he has to do it himself. You either have to do it 100% right or he will shove his way in and then do it.
    Any other place I have worked at, that attitude would not be tolerated ESPECIALLY among managers. The shit of it is he keeps his job because he does the technical stuff so well. But only he does. I’m betting if a manager can come in and actually do well and pass that on he will get canned or stay stuck in his position. His people skills suck. I mean Ess euu cee kay SUCK. I’ve never in my life run into someone whom is soo devoid of character. I thought my last job was bad…but this guy is ridiculous. And for Jimmy Johns to allow this sort of behavior to exist in it’s hierarchy is almost non-excusable. However, to be fair, there are other managers I like working with. When I do it is cake. So at least it balances off somehow.
    I can believe this happened.

  32. In both Ne and Mn, Im pretty sure the work shirts are like $8. Not all JJs are great but not all of them suck either. I think a lot of how employees are treated is based on the franchise owners, not by the company itself. I have worked for a couple different franchises and the owners for each did things differently. Still by the jimmy way. One franchise was better at giving raises than the other. So before you go blaming the jimmy johns company, you might want to question who ever owns your particular franchise.

  33. oh man there is a lot of funny stuff here try getting fired from jjs just because you didn’t sign your initials on stupid paperwork i just started being a manager and after not signing my name i got my hours cut back to one day just the lunch rush they act like the world is going to fall apart if things are not perfect

  34. He is able to buy more shirts its not the stores fault he does not have access to a washer and dryer and I wouldnt expect my personal hygene to be someone elses problem instead of taking it upon himself to get more shirts hes on the side of the road like a loser complaining. Most Jimmy Johns require their employees to take responsibility for themselves. For example, if you want a day off you find a cover for your shift. If your shirt smells wash it or buy more its not hard. I work at a jimmyjohns not in seattle though. Our management team is understanding though so we never have problems like this we would just hook him up with a shirt unless he had a bad attitude about it (I am guessing this kid was worth getting rid of and replacing if he was a good employee they would have worked with him to keep him) anyways we have given extra shirts to stinkers before for free. Its all about the management and owners its not fair to give Jimmy Johns as a whole a bad name. No one at my store makes minimum wage after 2 weaks of working there. If every employee got free meals thats 35 plus people getting a free 9 dollar meal every day im glad corperate decided no jimmyjohns can do free meals. Employees being treated wrong starts with the franchise owner not corperate. This is just a story about a pathetic boy who cant handle his own problems.

  35. i just got fired bc m head gasket to my car blew and its been 3 weeks since i asked for my check still aint got it even went n filled police report now my unemployments being messed with over it all and my husband was fired bc he is married to me my manager(old) manager has given my social and private info out to eployees and i have recording of it all and a video of them stealing crap yet im introuble n get no help just bs 1201 upiter plano tx 75075 jimmy johns sucks and they dont let us keep our tips!!!!!!!

  36. Why do kids think they have to have a washing machine to wash a shirt? A sink, detergent and water is more than adequate. He really would not have to have a sink. I say the dude is lazy and needs to work a few weeks before he demands another free shirt.
    This guy could get a raise and have 7 shirts and would still be complaining and smelly.

  37. I work at Jimmy Johns right now. 1431 in round rock, come pay me a visit if you want. delivery driver, the works. It’s an easy job. The easiest job I’ve ever had. I’m gonna feed out some details ya’ll naysayers don’t know. The assistant manager(cool dude, chill all the time) works 55 hours a week, and gets 90 bucks a day, less taxes. 450 a week is nice you might say, but it’s 9 bucks an hour, and no overtime. the GM works the same per week, and makes 116 a day. It’s good money for not having a degree, and being single, but not really a lot of money(below poverty line).

    I was given 2 shirts when I started working, and the only trouble I’ve had getting uniform fixes was when the GM was on his 2 weeks a year vacation(not paid, btw, it’s just off time).

    I don’t know what these people are complaining about, or why some people thought they got sick days(it’s fast food, you don’t get paid sick days), or any of that. This guy here should have talked to the area manager, cause in the handbook it says you get 2 shirts. By the way, boycotting the company hurts the employees, not the managers. You don’t go in? That effects sales, and they cut an employee(go home early today). Think about your actions before you act.

  38. Heres an idea. Hand wash your shirt you grungy bastard. Good lord you’d think your mom never taught you how to live. It takes 5 minutes to wash in your own sink and as for drying? ring it out and throw it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Trust me it works I’ve done it many times. I too don’t have a washer or dryer. You signed paperwork upon hire that said YOU will maintain your hygeine and cleanliness and come to work clean and not smelly(this includes your uniform). This is noones responsibilty but yours. The first shirt and hat is free if you want another they will be glad to dock your check for it. Do you want someone to wash your ass for you too? Seriously you can’t find a way to wash your clothes? what a joke. your going to have a hard life bro. I feel sorry for your dad he must be embarassed of you. This is such a stress free easy job, if you can’t hack it at your age (I’m assuming early 20’s from the photo) than you up a creek my friend. How do you go to sleep at night or look at yourself in the mirror and not feel ashamed by this. YOU CAN’T WASH A SHIRT!! HAHAHA! WTF. You’re rediculous kill yourself now. Try some shit like this in a real job and see the look that people give you. You’re hygeine is your responsibilty stop acting like a little kid. You went as far as picketing for this. My god man. Fancy this idea, maybe they won’t give you free shit because you can’t even handle the job and they want you gone anyway. You’re a fucking loser. over a shirt? with all the time you spent picketing you could have earned real money and bought ten shirts. Why on gods green earth do you feel entitled to anything. If you were a solid employee they would work with you but I’m sure your a shitty employee with no work ethic (obviously) anyway. Take a shower dude. I’ve gone days without washing my work shirt, these things happen, but if you wash your pits and ass you wont smell like a digleberry. The issue is not your shirt. I’m 90 percent sure the issue it’s your BO. I’ve lived without WATER at all. I had to walk 2 miles with gallon jugs to fill up at the gas station trust me you can wash yourself and your clothes in 1 gallon of water easy. I did’t have heat or electricty either in -30 winters. You’ve obiously never roughed it in life and had everything given to you. How many people laugh at you when you explain why your picketing? Noone gives a fuck life is hard and your making a big deal out of small fry shit. Man up. Go get a job as a garbage man you’ll make more money and you’ll be expected to smell like a foot. But they won’t give you free uniforms either. How about this idea, some fucking deoderant goes a long way. And as for you opinion of me, for the record I don’t know you, live near your store or even in the same state, and am not a manager. I’m a driver too and make damn good money at it. I have had to buy my own uniforms too get over it. I’m not a tight ass or a square too I smoke weed and have partied harder than you could ever aspire too. Some things are just obvious, we all share the same world just be happy you have a job and opportunity and freedom. Next time you grab your picket sign think about starving children all around the world, people forced to work for dollars a day, soldiers fighting for they’re lives just to get back home. You got it easy homes. No wonder they export jobs to other coutries with people like you around. Why would a cooporation pay more just to get mediocre work from some self entitled little prick who’s going to complain that they have to buy a 10$ shirt. It’s not your managers fault that you can’t find a washer and dryer. You made an agreement regardless. If you can’t uphold your end of the deal than you lied in your interview and should be fired anyway. You can’t hack fast food? LOL! I still can’t get over that. What a joke.

  39. ps. Nobody wants to work with someone who smells like the underside of an orcs nutsack. It brings morale down and sales. So now they’re left with a whole crew who’s unhappy about your smell, customers that arent happy. Plus they gotta pay your dirty ass hourly just to bring everyone down. Bottom line – your a money trap for business, you lose the company money and make everyone elses work day miserable because they can smell your lingering ball stench from across the store. So your wonderful idea is to picket…. Who do you hurt when you picket? not the manager he’s salaried and his hours are guaranteed.(if they ask him why sales went down he can say “well you see this stinky asshole is making my store front smell like from-under cheese and driving away sales” when they ask why is he picketing he can say ” well I fired him because he smells like grandma’s bed sores and it wasn’t fair to the other employees” and guess what they will totally understand and he will not be in any sort of trouble what so ever. You don’t hurt coorporate at all (duh). The only people you hurt are yourself because you could be making money during those hours and the other employees who are going to get hours cut because of your BS. People like you are toxic to work you affect everyones mood. Firing you is a no brainer. Your also hurting the other drivers tips which they rely on to live because noone wants you to deliver they’re order and they don’t know if your the driver on duty or not further hurting sales and causing more hours to be cut. Use your brain. Your abusing your freedom of speech. You can’t just go around smelling like hot garbage just bacause you feel like it and expect noone to have a problem with it. People have to share they’re work space, it’s not YOUR work space. be considerate the other in-shoppers are just just trying to earn some money (less than a driver at that) not smell your shit. How many times do people tell you “I would have fired you too, I can smell your BO from here dog, seriously what is that? Do you have an open wound WTF!”

  40. As a franchisee for JJ I agree with the manager. If I had an employee who was smelly and refused to shower or change I would fire him too! this is a business peaple eat with thier eyes and noses. Come on people have a little common sense. If you were to protest my store I would sue you just based on confidentiality agreement clauses. You might want to read them before you sign.

  41. this kid is bitching about a shirt? wow. if he can’t pay for a $20 new shirt or $1.00 to wash it, then he needs to quit bitching about his job and get an education. if he has a college degree and is working at JJs then he has every right to complain, until then, he needs to realise he has owners, he owns you, they all own you and putting a sign in front of the store isnt going to change anything. The only way to stop the people of JJs is to boycott, people people are to stupid to organize themselves slightly to boycott.

  42. I work at JJ’s St.Louis as asistant Manager my boss treats me great and i treat everybody how i would like to be treated.if you need any extra shirts hit us up we will be happy to mail you some, THATS SOME BULL SHIT!

  43. First off Jimmy John’s restaurants are locally owned by the franchisees. So, if some owner or GM is an ass, it’s not really telling of Jimmy John’s as a whole.

    I’ve been working at a JJ’s for almost two years and am about to go to corporate training. The owner of the JJ’s I work at is amazing. I absolutely love my job. And I’m sorry if other owners aren’t as nice with breaks, free sandwiches, shirts, etc. The owner where I work encourages breaks, we get free sandwiches every 5 hours, and he regularly buys new shirts. Which we don’t have to pay for. And I work with him five days a week, so I know he’s a fantastic guy.

    I know corporate can be a little insane, but it’s all about how the individual franchisee truly runs his stores. So, sorry, if you’re owner is a douche. Just don’t blame JJ’s, because there are a lot of really great owners out there.

    And, honestly, I bike all the time. If you are so noticeably reeking, maybe it’s your fault. It costs like two dollars to go to a laundromat and clean your damn uniform.

  44. This is the most ignorant excuse for a human being I’ve ever seen. At most it cost $2.50 to do a load of laundry and a 24 hour laundry mat. I do not feel bad for someone who had a job in this economy. That jackass must hate money because if it was me and I was hard up for money I be someones bitch to get minimum wage…or another thing get a degree. Don’t bother replying, I’ll never be back on this site. Ignorant people that think they “deserve” pay is why other countries laugh at us. That and the whole schooling thing.

  45. I can’t believe I’m still getting updates on this post. Listen, it’s been three years and even when it was happening it was still a stupid story. Get over it! Jimmy Johns is a shitty job, I know, I get it. Don’t waste your days doing something you don’t like. Go out and get another job. Maybe one you do like, maybe one you don’t.

    Everyone who works at JJ and likes it: Sweet, you enjoy your job but don’t get bent outta shape and freak out when some kids are complaining. No one is insulting you personally so don’t take it personally. People just want something to bitch and moan about.

  46. I worked at JImmy Johns for two days. Their standards and practices are a bit ridiculous. First of all they have you go to “Sub School” where they act like Jimmy Johns is the best fast food chain ever. This orientation was in downtown Minneapolis and they gave shoddy directions to get there. Also, in the info for orientation it said you could park in the USBank ramp… one would assume for coming downtown and getting lost with crappy directions parking would be reimbursed somehow but this wasn’t the case although they did provide food and drink for sitting through their this Franchise is god speech.

    Secondly, for my first day the Area Manager Jay asked if I could come in Monday at 2. I thought it was a little weird at first that he hadn’t specified a closing window for when the day would end but it was even stranger when he asked us if we could stay a longer that day without giving a specified end time without me fishing for it and even after that he was still vague and just said a couple hours. Same thing the next day. Show up at 1:30 with no end time info given. Kind of a joke if you’re hiring college students who plan out their schedules in depth.

    To the details: Jimmy Johns acts like their hip and what not with all of their “catchy” slogans and what have you around their store but then they’re utter nazis when it comes to their employees. For example, the second day I came in I didn’t shave because I didn’t have any shaving cream and didn’t want to come in as Kleenex face. On this note it’s good to see the area manager follows this protocol… not. This guy who looks like the fat version of Jonah Hill definitely doesn’t hold himself to these standards and was unshaved looking way more scruffy than I ever would since I can’t grow a full beard.

    Also, at orientation they stated you had to pass a menu test in the first week which I did 100% on the first day. Then randomly on the second day I had to take this test again and I missed three ingredients total so this in combination with me talking back about the shaving via explaining no shaving cream and I hadn’t want to cut myself and come in lead to the area manager letting me go. Just a joke really. It seems they expect you to get everything perfect straight away. I should’ve followed my instincts and walked out before even taking the test again due to the response he gave over me telling the truth. I worked fast food years ago in high school, got paid much more, and could tell that JJ would never compare to the good times working there of old.

    In summary: Jimmy Johns is a Nazi Corporation in terms of their employees and I wouldn’t bother working there.

  47. I got send home today because the new dress code apparently says you can no longer where black vans. your shoes have to have laces. So i look at the girl next to me with her nose ring in flirting with the guy that was hired there 3 weeks ago. (has the brain of a mouse) doesn’t even know how to build a sandwich by himself. and i go home while the manager continues to talk about how immature and awesome he is.

    I take my lip and nose ring out everyday. Tuck in my shirt and feel like a dumbass. Have pants that i wear only when im at work. and now i cant wear the shoes i were everywhere else, and get treated like this. If Jimmy Johns requires store managers to go to boot camp. How did i get stuck with a 5 year old that just happens to be almost 30. The Jimmy Johns corporation monitors dress code and every policy by visiting the store once a month. How do they not notice the child that is running the place. Be a manager not a friend. Just because I respected you as my boss and don’t want to be your friend doesn’t mean you have the right to treat me like crap.

    So lets put better grading from corporate on the way are managers do their job. Other then what is clean and what is not.

  48. I agree with what most of the other Jimmy John’s employers have been saying. I work at a corporate store in Michigan, and have been quite disturbed by the manner in which several of my local managers treat employees. Our GM calls several of his subordinates “stupid” on a daily basis, usually for making casual, human mistakes. The drivers get a short stick, and are often berated for any number of failures, like messing up an order, taking too long on a delivery, or forgetting to remind the sandwich artists to add or subtract a certain ingredient. Don’t get me wrong – everything I mentioned is essentially a part of the job description, but I personally see no need for publicly and loudly insulting employees who work well as a rule and rarely makes the sorts of mistakes they’re verbally degraded for.

    The days-off policies are ridiculous, as are portions of the dress code. We’ve had employees with bronchitis and the flu called into work, all because they weren’t able to find substitutes after becoming ill not long before. Frankly, such practices shouldn’t be legal – not only is the worker suffering, but they represent a potential health risk to every customer eating in the establishment.

    I’ve also seen people sent home for not being totally clean-shaven, having the “wrong color” socks (even when their socks aren’t visible), or wearing pants that were a shade off whatever happened to be the day’s preference. I’ve been made to shave several hours’ worth of stubble while managers are wearing grungy beards and at least one other employee was sporting Civil War-era sideburns.

    As has been mentioned, I think a good deal of the environmental hostility stems from the Jimmy John’s hierarchy. The managers aren’t treated the best, and they in turn don’t treat their employees the best. I’ve worked in fast food and retail, and can’t say that I’ve met any group so wildly focused on mundane rules as my current employers. I don’t particularly mind working at Jimmy John’s because the pay from tips is really quite good, but there are a few aspects of the job that drive me crazy, even though I haven’t had many direct altercations with management myself.

    I like some of the managers, and can’t stand being around others; I get the feeling that the antipathy is neutral, even if I never give anybody a reason to dislike me. Maybe it’s just because I’m young and in college, I don’t know. I’d just be a lot happier with the business if more focus were placed on efficiency, as opposed to silly micro-policies.

  49. 1. Jimmy Johns are franchise and its their fault not Jimmy Johns
    2. You should still boycott all franchises because of the rediculous rules employees must follow, and their sick day policy of forcing sick employees to make your food when no one will cover their shift. They don’t even have fmla for people like me who have life long conditions…

  50. it’s called showering before you go to work. I have worked many jobs where I was only given one shirt, and the way I handle it is by taking the shirt of when you get home. were an undshirt think outside the box morons!

  51. Sorry I’m late to the party. But nobody want a stinky troll to deliver them food. It is what it is. Maybe we should talk about all the jobs Jimmy johns has provided to people who need jobs? obviously the job want right for you… You could always be a smelly crack dealer with all the piercings and tailors you want. Let’s be honest here, crack heads don’t mind getting there rocks from

  52. Suck it up! I had to BUY my work shirt, and I bought three of them so I wouldn’t come to work smelling like shit. You read the packed upon applying, break the rules and you’ll pay the price. No visible tattoos or excessive piercings (gauges are excessive). And what fucking solution are you looking for to get you to stop bitching?! Another shirt?? Get a different job, don’t eat at JJs, NO ONE WILL CARE

  53. Jimmy John’s is a terrible place to work. I hated every moment of it & they treated me like crap. Hours are terrible too

  54. It’s clearly stated in the rules you get one shirt and one hat given to you when you are hired. They deduct $20 from your first paycheck for the two uniform items. I’ve never had a job with a uniform where they didn’t do this, nor have I had a job where they didn’t charge me for another shirt. Even McDonald’s where your shirt gets legitimately dirty- you get one shirt, and you wash the shirt. I GUARANTEE that if he actually asked for another shirt the manager told him he had to purchase one for $10. If he didn’t have the cash on him they’ll take it out of your paycheck. The only way he would have not gotten another shirt is if he had refused to allow this or pay. That’s his own fault. I used to hand wash my greasy uniform from McDonald’s every night because I couldn’t afford the washer and dryer in my apartment building. Don’t be lazy.

  55. This is a ridiculous article, In most places that are fast food you get another shirt after 6 months of work, to show you are actually taking it seriously so they don’t pay for and waste product. This guy is an idiot, worst case scenario wash it in your sink, the guy obviously doesn’t have any money management skills. You have to spend money to make money. Fuck, buy some febreeze, and now you, whoever is writing this article is an idiot. It is not that hard, you’re there to do your job and then go home. They pay you to do your job and not smell like a freaking trash can. Don’t bash one restaurant because you sympathize with this idiot.

  56. At the franchise I work at, the delivery fee does not go to the driver. The store collects the entire delivery fee. They in turn pay a miniscule portion of the order amount to the driver, which has nothing to do with the delivery fee. They just jacked up this delivery fee as of late, saying to customers “The increase in price is to cover the rising cost of gas” & that delivery fee goes to the store, who does not pay for the gas. The drivers still make the same miniscule amount they used to. They also choose certain employees (not all of them) & steal wages from them, lying about it in their bookkeeping. This is money that these certain employees have worked for & paid taxes on. They typed up an agreement saying ‘I agree to let Jimmy John’s take this money from me.’ They only asked these certain workers to sign it saying, if we didn’t sign it, we lose our job.

  57. I just got fired for being late ONE FUCKING TIME. No warning. No nothing. Tried to complain to corporate, ended up getting told they can’t do anything because it’s a franchise. This company is managed by losers.

  58. I’ve worked at JJ’s for a year… I have 6 shirts and I’ve never paid for one. I’ve received three shirts from managers and three from other employees who’ve quit. This guy’s area manager carries t-shirts, hats, visors, polos for managers, bags, etc around in their cars pretty much every day. They can give that shit out for free…. That guy should stop crying and wash his shirt or figure out a way to score another shirt.

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  60. To everyone saying that the bike delivery people should just suck it up and purchase another shirt, the bike jerseys are more expensive, somewhere around $60-70. Not cheap.

  61. Anonymous delivery driver here.

    I am 32 years old, been working for a JJ’s on the east time zone for about a month.

    I work 30 hours a week and make about 18 dollars (that is not a typo) per hour when factoring in tips.

    I get a sandwich at the end of my shift after just 3 hours of work and chips or a cookie added to that if I work over 4 that day (which is often). I can drink whatever I want from the drink fountain and drink as much of it as I need.

    This job got me OFF of food stamps.

    I love my customers. I bust my ass to get them their orders because they provide more of my income that JJs does. And that’s not talking smack on JJ’s because they feed me and give me breaks if i work a Saturday shift.

    I hate some of the people who lord over me. It’s ok. Hate for authority figures is good for people. But part of life is how you manage it. I’m an adult and I can deal with it instead of being a whiny little kid who doesn’t know how to work with authority.

    As for you SPOILED little children who don’t know how to shave, brush your teeth, properly diet, SHOWER, groom yourself, and were so spoiled by your doting mother that she never taught you how to buy laundry detergent and wash a shirt in a sink or a basin: GROW THE FUCK UP! Buy a bulk container of detergent, I pay 12 bucks for a stock that lasts for A WHOLE YEAR. That’s a dollar a month. (I feel the need to state that as our public schools produced you to our workforce).

    This is the real world and we don’t want to see your rampant acne, greasy hair, smelly, out of shape bodies trying to do the work of a semi-professional athlete. If you can’t hack it as a driver, then lock up, get back in the kitchen and MAKE ME A FUCKING SANDWICH!

  62. I’ve worked at Jimmy for a year. I had this same problem before and my manager just gave me a new shirt. He even gave me another one when I spilled bleach on the first one. It’s not that “ALL JIMMIES IS BAD PEEPULL!”. Some managers are dicks, some are nice people. Just like at any work place.

  63. It’s called Febreeze motherfuckers. Use it, pay for your extra shirts, and stop acting like whiny little bitches. Psh, amateurs.

  64. Employees sign an agreement before they are hired saying that they agree to be clean and hygienic. They will literally lose points in an audit if an employee stinks because a huge neon sign outsare advertisers “free smells”. Customers want to smell the bread and Fresh produce, not a stinky shirt. I’m not sure why they weren’t able to sell him another shirt but he should not have agreed to the job knowing he could not adhere to the stated rules.

  65. I currently work at a jimmy johns in mn and one f the managers has been disrespectful to me since day one. I’m sick of it

  66. I guess this has become a “diss working at Jimmy Johns” thread which is awesome because their management and coporate rules they hide behind really are awful! I worked at a Downtown metro area location that stayed very busy. At first I really liked it, it was a little different then pizza delivery, I would probably take around 30 deliveries in a 6hour shift, which was really good money. And what I first looked at as just a second job was becoming a pretty good source of income. So I tried my best to deal w the upper management corporate aholes and shift supervisors who took their job to seriously. I remember one time I had worked 5hours and 58mins, not taking a single break, and I let a guy who had come in early clock in and take my delivery because I had already made pretty good tips for the day, and the manager charged me for a drink and sandwich that I would’ve received free had I worked the “full 6 hours”! I was so pissed I was ready to quit on the spot. But I didn’t. But I also never forgot how that pos made me feel, and how little he valued my hard work. So I started looking for another job and once I found something else, I asked that same manager if he needed anyone to work a double shift on the weekend, because it was the hardest time to get anyone to come in, and he said yeah sure, and I completely no called, no showed on his ass! I disnt answer or return his calls and to this day have never spoken to him. My last check was direct deposited and I am still at the job I took over JJ’s making about the same amount of money. All because of a stupid sandwich that I should’ve been given for free smh…

  67. I worked 5hours and 58mins at a JJ’s, was set to get a free sandwich and drink at 6hours. A co-worker came in early and I let him tk my last delivery because I had already done pretty well for the day. I had not taken a break all day, and was covering a shift for someone, and this f**khead manager charges me for my drink and sandwich because on the clock my hours were 5hours,58mins instead of 6! I will never forget thar, I was so pissed. I asked the same manager for a double shift for Saturday, Sunday after I had gotten another job just so I could no call/no show on his petty corporate ass! It felt good to screw him over, even if it was just one or 2 days. All because a f**kin sandwich smh!

  68. I find it hilarious how many people are soooo proud to work at Jimmy Johns. You work at a fast food joint, anyone could do your job. Hell, I work retail and I know the same applies to me, I’m just doing this until I can go to grad school. If you want a job you can be proud of go back to school. Also that guy should have just washed his damn shirt in the sink or something.

  69. Yes, most of the time, the managers do suck. And I don’t know how it was 5 years ago but today you have to spend about $30 on the shirt/hat uniform combo + another 20 for under armor if you have arm tattoos. However I have a bigger bone to pick with the JJ management system.
    I am an alcoholic, currently sober, who’s been struggling with the illness for 3-4 years now. I started at JJ’s back in Dec 13, sober. Two months later, I relapsed and ‘went out’ for a month. On the last day of my using I had i suppose what you could call a moment of clarity and decided this wasn’t the life I wanted to live. So at 5 in the morning, 6 hours before my shift, I called my manager to tell him I was going to the hospital to detox and would not be able to make it to work and that I hoped I’d have a job when I was out. He played the Hero, telling me, “Yeah man. You gotta take care of yourself. don’t even worry about it. we’ll talk when you’re good.” So I took the week to get healthy, get back to meetings and ‘do the do’ so to speak.
    What I didn’t know is that, and this is written in the JJs handbook, An employee can not be fired for taking a leave for a drug or alcohol related purpose if the employee gives due notice before hand. So I thought I was good. I thought wrong.
    When I called my manager 6 days later, giving him an update of what i’ve been up to and asking if I could come back to work he told me it wasn’t a good time for me. I said I understood, that he probably needed to fill my space. He corrected me, telling me I was actually needed but that we needed to wait a month to see if I’d remain on track. Not even a couple shifts a week? I asked. No. Can’t do it.

    So… you’re firing me? No, we just have to wait and see.
    But i need to work so I can pay my bills.
    Well you do what you gotta do.

    Basically, the JJ’s guy was trying to powermove me into quiting so he didn’t have to fire me thus making unemployment benefits for easily attainable. The motivation for this is beyond but I know it is true because of a previous Store Manager who shared with us the inner workings of Jimmy John’s before he left.

    So, because I’m not a fucking idiot, I reminded him of JJ’s policy and informed him that my attorney (psh, i don’t have an attorney) thought I held a good point. I could hear the amature professionalism tripping and quivering in his words and he quickly ended the conversation, telling me he’d speak to the owner ASAP.

    MORAL OF THE STORY – (A) Some JJ’s guys are pricks, but not all of them. But most of them are not as smart as they try to make themselves appear.

    AND (B) Even if they did hire me back I wouldn’t go. This cooperation is built on the hard work of underpaid in shoppers while the hire ups get fat checks and bonuses for playing tetris or stretching bread. It’s a good move on their part, but it’s not my style.

    in defense of Jimmy John’s, I am a sucker for their Bootlegger with Cheese add dijon.

  70. I work for jimmy johns and so does my husband. And yes it is ridiculous that u dont get a second shirt. Course here in idaho our jimmy johns general manager is the most awful and laziest person ever. I despise to work there for so many reasons: 1 they hire anyone and most of who they are very dramatic, or fake, or even just stupid. 2 they have some pretty ridiculous rules or at least the gm enforces them very odd. 3 she is a bitch. But my biggest reason is what is going on with my poor husband, he just became a manager a month ago, which was suspposed to be a big “yay!” In our life, since we are low income and have to support a baby as well as us. With no college degrees, yet. But they have him as the second assistant work the first assistant hours, but being paid as a second. Which doesnt make sense because it is only the gm and him for managers and one half trained person in charge or p.i.c. And not only that but our gm pushes her duties and responsibilities on my husband. Which is fair in any way. And she never does her shifts the effective enough, so then my husband ends up running a poorly set up shift. And yet she complains that he doesnt help her for her opens. She is the most horrible person and i dont know how to get this problem addressed. Our area mangaer is new and believes everything she somehow conjures out her ass. So i f you know of a way to contact someone hire up. Or find some way to get this around it would be most helpful. I would quit jimmy johns if i could but i have a baby to think about and my husband and i. Plus finding jobs around here is pretty hard.

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