The Best Turkey Sandwich in Austin

The Turkey Sandwich Report has been silent lately, and for that we apologize.

“Why?” you might ask.  Mostly because “The Man” has been beating me down and making me work way too much for the past few months.  But fuck that.  I

So let’s get back at it:

can’t let The Man keep me from my passion.  He can bust my ass all day, Monday through Friday.  But he can’t own me 24 hours a day.  He can’t own my weekends.  And most importantly, he can’t keep me away from Turkey Sandwiches.

This is a Turkey Sandwich from Shady Grove in Austin, TX.

They smoke their own Turkey in house.  Shady Grove is one of my favorite places in Austin and I’ve been there dozens of times, but never had their Turkey Sandwich.  The reason?  Their Brisket Tacos are really good.  But just like The Man can’t keep me down, Brisket Tacos can’t hold me me back from Turkey Sandwiches.

And with ppologies to Which Wich, who was nice enough to sponsor our Turkey Sandwich Report event at SXSW, I’m gonna say it: Shady Grove has the best Turkey Sandwich in Austin.  They’re probably gonna put this on a t-shirt now.