The Turkey Sandwich Summit

How big of a deal in the world of Turkey Sandwiches am I?  Such a big deal that when I request the presence of a certain hot shot owner of a chain of sandwich shots at a meeting, I get it.  I also order off the menu.

Today, I spoke with Jeff Sinelli, who is the Founder of Which Wich.  I wanted to speak with him because we will both be speaking at the upcoming Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit in Vegas.  I wanted to see if Jeff would be interested in getting a beer and a Turkey Sandwich and talk some shop.  He’s on a tight schedule as any sandwich entrepreneur would be, but he’s going to carve out some time for me.

I’m calling this meeting “The Turkey Sandwich Summit”.  It’s kind of like Reagan/Gorbachev in ’86 – two world powers getting together and discussing important stuff.

More details to come, but needless to say – this summit is going to shape how Turkey Sandwiches are prepared and eaten for years to come.

BTW, I did have a Turkey Sandwich from Which Wich today.  I went with the “Thank You Turkey.  Nice sandwich.  One side had a little too much cranberry and they forgot my lettuce,  but overall, a solid Turkey Sandwich.