Snarf’s Lies About Their Size

I have a few friends that talk a big game about Snarf’s.  They’re constantly telling me that Snarf’s is the shit and how I need to go there more often.  I tried Snarf’s when they opened up a location here in Denver about a year and a half ago.  I wasn’t all that impressed back then, but I’m even less impressed now.

First, let’s get straight on the sizes of sandwiches that Snarf’s offers.  They offer three sizes:

  • Novice (5″) for $5.75
  • Snarf’s (7″) for $6.50
  • And their Pro (12″) for $9.75

Being that I am a Professional Turkey Sandwich eater, I accepted the Snarf’s challenge and ordered the Pro.  I wasn’t super hungry, but I always like to plan a few meals in advance, so I thought I could eat half now and save half for later.

When I got home, I started inspect the sandwich.  I don’t want to be cocky or anything, but I know a footlong when I see it, and this sandwich felt like it was a couple inches short.  I wanted to know if the Pro is actually an amateur – So I measured it:

Snarf's "pro"

This photo actually made it look longer than it really was, so I took a closer shot:

Snarf's right

This Looks like about 10 3/8″ sandwich to me.  We’ll give Snarf’s the benefit of the doubt and call it 10 1/2″, but not any longer than that.  If my math is correct, that’s a full 1 1/2″ short of what they advertise on their menu.  If a Snarf’s “Pro” costs $9.75, that’s $.81/inch, which means that Snarf’s just ripped me off to the tune of $1.20.

So here’s the deal.  I will be contacting Snarf’s to address this issue.  I may even file a class-action lawsuit against Snarf’s on behalf of all the people that have received a 10 1/2″ sandwich when they actually bought 12 inches.  Stay tuned, folks.  The Turkey Sandwich Report is going to get to the bottom of this.