The Sandwich I didn’t Have

I’ll get straight to the point: The Smilin’ Moose Deli doesn’t carry the Dinner Roll any more and someone has some ‘spanin to do.

When I stopped by their Colorado Blvd location this past Saturday, I was fully prepared to buy TWO sandwiches – one of which was going to be the Dinner Roll, which is kind of like a French Dip, but with Turkey.  I’m a big fan of au-jus.  But then confusion started to set in: It wasn’t on the menu posted above the order counter.  I slowly realized that it had been taken off of the menu.

But then a ray of hope.  It was on the paper menu that was taped down to on the counter.  Maybe there was an oversight when they printed their menus?  I ask the cashier and he tells me that the paper menus are old and they don’t have it anymore.  A managerial type-guy chimes in from the kitchen that they no longer carry the au-jus, therefore rendering the Dinner Roll obsolete.

Wha?  They can’t carry a few cans of au-jus to keep us loyal Dinner Roll fans happy?

Truth be told, I like the Dinner Roll for a few reasons:

  1. I like au-jus.
  2. My dogs like a little au-jus sprinkled over their food as a special treat and I always bring home the left over au-jus for them.
  3. I like to say “au jus”

The curious part of all this is that when I interviewed Smilin’ Moose Deli founder and owner a couple months ago, I mentioned how much I liked the Dinner Roll.  At that time, he didn’t mention that the Dinner Roll was no longer on the menu or even on the chopping block.  Was I mislead?  Was important information kept from me?  Kevin wouldn’t do that to the Turkey Sandwich Report… would he?

Has the Smilin’ Moose Deli been living a lie?  Kevin, tell me that’s not true.