The Line at Tat’s is Ridiculous

Tat’s is a solid sub shop.  They specialize in Philly Cheesesteaks, but they also have some nice Turkey Sandwiches.  They’ve always done a nice little business and there is typically a line, but I could get in and out with sandwich in a few minutes.

They recently moved – literally around the corner from their old location in Pioneer Square, Seattle – and all of the sudden, you would think it’s the Viper Room circa 1993.

Here’s a look at the line, it’s ridiculously long.

The ridiculous line at Tat's

This line is at least 30 minutes to just order a sandwich.  Then it’s probably another 15 to get it.  Screw that.

The thing that really sucks is that I only need three more stamps on my frequent feeder card to get a free sandwich.  Unless I bust out for an early lunch, it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon.


Pioneer Square vs. Freemont: Sandwich Fight!

There’s some shit going down in the world of Sandwiches out here in the Great Northwest.  The Stranger, Seattle’s alt-weekly newspaper, has dubbed Pioneer Square as Seattle’s “Sandwich District”.  They stake this claim on the presence of Tat’s, Salumi and the new Delicatus all being within walking distance of each other in the southern tip of Downtown Seattle.  I’ve been to all three of sandwich joints and all are good (although it should be disclosed that Salumi does not serve a TURKEY Sandwich) and of them serve a different need.

  • Salumi’s is owned by Mario Batali’s Dad and they’re all about cured meats.  They typically have a line out the door by 11:30am.  I had a Pancetta sandwich there a couple weeks ago and it was amazing.
  • Tat’s is a deli, but they specialize in Cheesesteaks and gut-bomb subs.  They get bonus points for roasting their own Turkey.  I’m about three sandwiches away from filling my Tat’s frequent feeder card, if that says anything about my opinion of them.
  • Delicatus is the new player in Pioneer Square.  You might recall my post about the Mudd Honey a few weeks back.  Delicatus is probably my favorite of the Pioneer Square Group.  They have a great menu, the Turkey is amazing and I like the fact that they also sell craft root beers.

But whoa, whoa, whoa.  What about Freemont?  The Homegrown Sandwich Shop isn’t willing to let Pioneer Square get away with this so easily. The claim that along with their own sandwiches, Passeo, Baguette Box, Royal Grinders and Roxy’s all put up a formidable Freemont challenge to Pioneer Square’s sandwich contenders.

This is a big deal and needs to be settled by a professional.  Don’t worry, The Turkey Sandwich Report is going to play Judge Wapner and settle this dispute between neighborhoods.  We will embed ourselves in both sandwich scenes and declare a winner.  In fact, I’m on my way out the door right now and catching the first bus to Freemont.  We’ll have a answer before the end of the week.