Get Ready for This: I’m Going to Say Something Positive About Subway.

This is probably old news since it has been going on for almost two years, but it’s new to me and this is my blog, so it’s going on The Turkey Sandwich Report

This particular Subway is built inside a shipping container and can rise up to different floors of the new building and help the workers avoid having to spend most of their lunch hour in transit.


As much as I rip on Subway, I’m going to applaud this effort.  The  “Subway in the Sky” that supplies sandwiches to the workers building the new Freedom Tower in NYC is brilliant for two reasons:

  1. As a marketer, I love the innovation.  Subway found an opportunity to get their sandwiches in the hands of people by owning a completely new distribution channel.
  2. It’s supporting a good cause.  Sure, Subway is making money on the deal, but that’s ok.  They’re helping construction workers who are busting their ass trying to get this building built and hopefully get a little more out of their lunch hour.

Check out the video here.