Just an Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich

I had the distinct pleasure of dining at a national treasure today: Chick and Ruth’s in Annapolis, MD.

Yes, the chocolate chip waffles looked scrumptious.  Yes, the sausage looked savory.  And yes the pancakes looked fantastic.

But I did my Turkey Sandwich Report duty, and ordered a Turkey Sandwich, the Turkey Club actually.

Turkey Sandwich at Chick and Ruth's

It may not look like much, but it was good. No messing around.  Just a straight Turkey Sandwich on toasted wheat bread.

Now you might have noticed those potatoes on the side.  Let me tell you something about those potatoes: They were fucking amazing.  I could have eaten a 55 lb drum of those.

If you’re ever in Annapolis, make a special effort to stop by Chick and Ruth’s.  The owner might even come by and do stupid magic trick for you.  And tell ’em Lutz sent you.