How My Dog Shitting at the Office Led to a Turkey Sandwich

One of the perks of my job is that I can take my dog (Brady) to work.  The only problem is that she only likes the actual act of going to work and leaving work.  The rest of the day, Brady seems really bored.

This past week, Brady has been a little under the weather.  The vet put her on some medicine the week before to control her allergies and it just didn’t agree with her.  Consequently, she’s been shitting and pissing way more than normal.  To put this in context, from Thursday night to Friday Morning, I had to take her outside 4 times (two of which resulted in a dump) then she took another shit before we left for work and another one when we got there.  That’s a lot of poop for a dog that weighs 17 lbs.

Then a former co-worker came in to the office to pass out some samples of a new soda brand he is working on and he stepped in a pile of Brady shit – tracking it straight to my desk.

This forced me to make a trip to Safeway for some paper towels, cleaning spray, air freshener and carpet deodorizer – and a Turkey Sandwich.

The nice thing about the Safeway Deli is that you can upgrade from a 6″ to a Footlong for $1 more.  I got the Smokestack and this ended up being lunch, dinner and then breakfast this morning.

As for the poop, luckily it wasn’t too runny like it had been in the past few days and it cleaned up pretty well.  To be honest, the carpet in our office is pretty disgusting anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.

As for Brady, don’t blame her.  She’s sick and can’t control this surge in pooping.  We’re going to the vet (again) on Monday.