“The California”

It almost pains me to say this, but there is a certain Turkey Sandwich out there that I’m not a fan of.  In fact, I despise this sandwich.  I doesn’t even deserve the right to be called a Turkey Sandwich.  I’ll give you a clue:

If you put Guac on your Turkey Sandwich, you’re a douche.

Yes, I am talking about the sandwich that is commonly referred to as “The California”.

Personally, I have never witnessed anyone order a TS with Guac on it.  But I have noticed a distrubing trend that many restaurants are starting to offer it.

What gives the State of California the right to name a Turkey Sandwich after themselves?  Or are the restaurants to blame?  Are they “poaching” the name “California” in a feeble attempt to make their place “cool and trendy”?  Are they trying to make their establishment “more Hollywood”?

All I know is that Guacamole or any derivative of Avocado does not belong on a Turkey Sandwich.  So keep that shit off there.  And if you see anyone order this, I demand that you to call them a “Douche”.