The Smiling Moose is in the House

I had a full day to myself today.  Worked from home and had dinner by myself too.  That meant that I could do whatever the hell I wanted for dinner – and did I ever take advantage of it.

First off, the Smiling Moose has moved into the neighborhood and I had not officially welcomed them, so I swung by there for a large Dinner Roll.  This is a damn good sandwich since it is part Turkey Sandwich, part Cheesesteak and Part French Dip.  How sweet is that?

Second, I swung by Wendy’s.  Since I was working from home all day, I had the TV on and they were pushing these Strawberry Shakes that were calling my name.  So I went by there to get one of those deals and I while I was at it, I got some fries to go with the Dinner Roll.

Dinner Roll from Smling Moose

What?  You have a problem with me going to two different spots to gather my Dinner?  It’s not like you’ve never done that before.  And if you say you haven’t, you’re lying.