Mendelson’s is Here to Please

I had a meeting in Downtown Denver yesterday morning, which presented the perfect opportunity to stop by Mendelson’s for Turkey Sandwich.

One of the things I like about Mendelson’s is that they sent me an email talking shit about Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli.  I respect a delicatessen that isn’t afraid to talk shit about its competition.

As I started to order my Turkey Sandwich, I asked if I could make a special request.  Now, I’m not going to tell you assholes what my special request was, because I don’t need you making the same request and backing up the line.

The response to my special request was “we don’t really do that…but what do you want?”  i told them, and the guy said, “Yeah, I can do that.  We’re here to please.”  And they prepared my sandwich as I requested.

Triple Decker Turkey Sandwich

And damn, was it good.  It was a Pastrami seasoned Turkey Sandwich with Pepperjack Cheese.  And let me tell you – that is a magical combination.

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The Spicy Pickle Boycott Continues

Loyal Turkey Sandwich Report readers might remember that a couple months ago, my co-worker, Josh Mishell waged a formal complaint to the Spicy Pickle. We were excited when they promptly returned the email and invited Josh out to lunch. Of course, when I heard about this, I weaseled my way in.

The lunch was all set up, and then the Spicy Pickle dude vanished. Stopped returning emails and the Power Lunch fell through. Since that time, Josh and I have boycotted the Spicy Pickle and it continues today. Look, they make a nice enough Turkey Sandwich, but they are no Smiling Moose and certainly not in the class of Mendelson’s. Plus, I put them in the same category as Heidi’s, so it’s no skin off my balls to just phase SP out of my life altogether. No big whoop.

Earl Sandwich Parlor Doesn’t Measure Up

I made a return trip to what I thought was called the “Earl of Sandwich” yesterday.  But for some reason, it is now called “Earl Sandwich Parlor”.  Hmmm.

I went with a sandwich called “The Ogden” which I think is what I got last time – but I couldn’t remember.  And that’s exactly the problem – this sandwich wasn’t very memorable either.  Downright boring, in fact.

The other weird thing about this place is that the guy on the cover of their menu is very homo-erotic.  Not there is anything wrong with that.

So bottom line – I am in a Turkey Sandwich slump.  Ever since I got sick last week, I just have not had my normal uber craving for a TS.  I’m hoping this comes to an end today as I am on my way to St. Louis and looking forward to some old favorites – namely the Turkey and Swiss from P’sgetti’s.  That seems like the cure from boring Turkey Sandwiches like this piece of crap I got at Earl Sandwich Parlor.

But, Earl Sandwich does have these little cheesecakes though and they are mighty tasty.  Maybe it should be Earl Cheesecake Parlor?  Or Earl Quiche Parlor?  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

There Ain’t No Deli Like a Boar’s Head Deli, Cuz a Boar’s Head Deli…

…knows how to make a mean sandwich.

I love those neon Boar’s Head signs.  There is no better sight than a deli window showing that they proudly serve Boar’s Meats (and cheeses).

I simply can’t believe that I have been in Denver for almost two years and I had never been to Mendelson’s on 17th Street.  This place is THE SHIT.

First of all, they are a legitimate New York deli and pile a shitload of meat on their sandwiches.  Second, they have a toaster.  Nothing hacks me off more than when a place tells me that they don’t have a fucking toaster.  Mendelson’s does and all is well with the world.  Third, they have a great menu.  I was seriously put to task when I had to figure out which one of their appetizing sandwiches I had to order.

I ended up going with a sandwich called the “Jones Beach” which was Turkey, Ham and Swiss and Honey Mustard.  I chose Rye for my bread.  Damn, that was a good sandwich.

So, my new thing is New York Delis.  And the real ones.  Not that fake bullshit that Heidi’s throws out there.  I am on a mission to go to more New York Delis.

Turkey Neck

Everyone knows that I have given Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks here in Denver big time exposure here on the Turkey Sandwich Report. But today, I am questioning my allegiance.

I was in the middle of enjoying my Turkey Sandwich during lunch today and all of the sudden, I got something pretty crunchy. I thought it was skin, since Pat’s uses real Turkey. I pulled it out of my mouth and this is what I found:


Turkey neck?  Vertabrae? Cartillage?

But you know what?  I’m OK with this.  At least they use real Turkey and not the processed shit.  I guess this is proof.