RIP Half Eaten Turkey Sandwich

I committed what I consider to be a pretty big sin yesterday.  I left a perfectly good half of a Turkey Sandwich uneaten.  I ordered a whole “Crazy Spicy” from the NYC Deli (in Seattle) and left the second half for a little afternoon treat.  I broke the Cardinal Rule by not putting it in the refrigerator and that came back to bite me in the ass.

When I came back the next morning there was the second half of the Turkey Sandwich.  Dead.  Unedible.  Here’s a photo before it passed away:

Half of a Crazy Spicy

Wasn’t it a beautiful Turkey Sandwich?  I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it was the perfect sandwich or anything, but was a good sandwich… that cared about people.  And now it’s gone.  This particular Crazy Spicy Sandwich has a nice combination of Boar’s Head Cajun Turkey, green peppers, pepperoncini peppers and Cajun mayo.

This little guy was a fighter.  He fought to the end, and I’ll always remember him for that.  He’s in Turkey Sandwich Heaven now.