Here’s Your “Special” Panini, Sir!

Most of the time I think “Panini” is just code for the heals of the bread loaf being disguised as a toasted sandwich where the pieces are cut into triangles to be cute.  I had a fairly mediocre Panini called “The Sofia” at some deli in Breckenridge this week and thought that it was just because I’m not really that big of a Panini fan.

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But maybe there is more to this story.  After I ate the sandwich, I thought back to the conversation the people I was with had the guy working at this deli.  They told him that I was “The Turkey Sandwich Report Guy and the Turkey Sandwich better be good.”  Needless to say, his reaction was less than impressed.  So there’s a fair chance that there was a healthy amount of spit mixed in with the cranberry sauce.  And our sandwiches took forever to make, so I’m pretty sure he scrubbed his taint with the Panini bread.

If you ever have the pleasure of eating a Turkey Sandwich with me, and you want me to actually EAT the sandwich, keep your mouth shut and just order your fucking sandwich.