Cheeba Hut Rolls One for The Turkey Sandwich Report

I’m sorry that I couldn’t share all of the details with you in advance, but I took a meeting with Cheeba Hut today.  It was all really hush-hush, but they invited me up to Fort Collins to talk Turkey Sandwiches.

To be blunt, they were uber-impressed with my Turkey Sandwich knowledge and prowess.  So much in fact, that they wanted to get together and see if we could spark up some ideas.  And spark we did.  I gave them three solid ideas for sandwiches that they should add to the menu and from what I gather, they’re going to try them out at the Fort Collins location.  If all goes well, they could be rolled out nationally.

As for the meeting today, they were nice enough to treat me to a sandwich of my choice.  Being a Midwest kid, I went the Midwest’s Best.  It’s technically a Club Sandwich – ham, bacon and the like.  And I added some peppers and a little Ranch Dressing.

Midwest's Best at Cheeba Hut

The Cheeba Hut guys also gave me a hit of White Widow.  I definitely specialize in Turkey Sandwiches, but this was a tasty chicken sandwich.  Good stuff.

All in all, the guys at Cheeba hut are good shit.  They’re really into firing up good sandwiches and good service.  PLUS they actually DO adequately TOAST their subs, unlike Quizno’s who keeps shortening their toast time so they can make the sandwiches faster.

There was one weird thing that happened at the end of the meeting: they asked if I wanted to “mow the grass”? First of all, they didn’t even have a lawn.  Second of all, their sandwiches are good and all and they’re nice guys, but I’m not not mowing their fucking lawn, no matter how many Turkey Sandwiches they give me.  Fuck that.