Boulder is a Black Hole of Turkey Sandwiches

I scored some free tickets to the Mizzou @ Colorado basketball game today.  This was perfect timing because I’ve been meaning to head up to Boulder and check out their Turkey Sandwich scene for quite some time.  I’ve already documented Fort Collins’ great sandwich scene on this here blog, but I haven’t had a chance to hit Boulder up quite yet.

After the game, my Turkey Sandwich Radar pointed me to the famous Pearl Street Mall.  Rule of thumb: hippies, street performers and street kids always congregate near sandwich shops.

Except in a town called Boulder, CO.  I walked up and down the Pearl Street Mall and couldn’t find shit.  I walked in a few places that seemed like a good choice and they completely let me down:

  • West End Tavern – No Turkey Sandwich on the menu
  • Lindsay’s Boulder Deli – Based on the amount of Haagen-Dazs shit hanging on the window, it seemed like they take Ice Cream more serious than sandwiches.  Rejected.
  • Lolita’s Deli – Couldn’t find it.

So I gave up on finding a decent Turkey Sandwich and ended up at the Twisted Pine Brewery for a sampler flight.  Lo and behold they offer a Turkey Sandwich on the menu.

Twisted Pine Turkey Sandwich

Just a simple, processed-Turkey-between-two-slices-of-bread-sandwich.  But that’s ok.  Twisted Pine brews beer, they don’t claim to have the best sandwiches.

The lesson here: if you’re looking for a sandwich in Cololrado, stick to Denver or Fort Collins.