The Turkey Top 10

  1. “Turkey Sandwich” – Zoka’s, Pine, CO
  2. “Turkey Sandwich” – The Gristmill, Gruene, TX
  3. “Big Daddy Turkey” – 730 South, Denver, CO
  4. “Grilled Turkey” – Brick Store, Decatur, GA
  5. “The Mudd Honey'” – Delicatus, Seattle, WA
  6. “Turkey Sandwich” – Berghoff Cafe, Chicago, IL
  7. “Stewart’s Turkey” – Rackhouse Pub, Denver, CO
  8. “Turkey Sandwich” – Shady Grove, Austin, TX
  9. “Turkey & Swiss” – Psghetti’s, St. Louis, MO
  10. “Turkey and Cheese” – Lucky’s, Chicago, IL

17 thoughts on “The Turkey Top 10

  1. Turkey Club at Imo’s in Cape huh? How bout all the Imo’s in St. Louis?

    Also, if you are coming in next weekend I hope you get to try the Turkey Club at GameDay here in St. Peters…Maybe it can make the top 10.

    Holla at your boy!

  2. Neal- this is Brie’s friend Paula– we’ve met. You may not remember. Anyway, everyone I work with is completely addicted to Jimmy John’s #4 Turkey Tom. Have your triedit/reviewed it/loved it yet?

  3. Next time you’re in the STL, hit up McGurks Public House for the Turkey Prosperity… Most unique turkey sandwich I’ve ever experienced… They owe me big for this! When are we going to start seeing you in commercials like Jared from Subway?

  4. Most customers come in for our famous fried chicken, 2121 combo pizza, or our freakin huge burgers but my choice is always “The Deli,” choose wheat bread, turkey, and swiss. Mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce included and pick coleslaw for your side. A sandwich just like Momma used to make, only better. I have been thinking about the one I will eat tonight for two hours already! 2121 pub, Parkland, WA.

  5. Neal,

    I love your coverage on The TSR. I noticed that only 2 of your Top 10 TS’s are from the state of Missouri. Is this an indication that the TS’s in St. Louis are shitty? Or is your experience sampling bird limited to Texas and Colorado primarily?

    If you could recommend a good turkey sandwich in St. Louis I would greatly appreciate it.


  6. So I sampled #1 TS at Zoka’s. Pretty alright, though I believe Yellow submarine in Fort Collins tops it. Anyway the fries are scrumptious.

  7. Neal,

    Sweet blog. I’ve got this sliced turkey sitting in my fridge and I’ll be damned if it ain’t the most boring stuff…so I was looking for some way of mixing it up.

    Thus I stumbled upon your site.

    One suggestion though, you should list the makings of all the sandwiches you sample, including those on you top 10’s. Give us some ideas!

  8. Neal, love the turkey talk. You must try Jimmy’s Sandwiches in Chicago (on W. Madison). Many different kinds of turkey, and I think they have the best turkey sandos in the city.

  9. Wait, scratch that name. It’s Jerry Sandwiches on W. Madison that has the killer turkey sandos. Still in Chicago. (Hey, it’s past my bedtime so I’m not firing on all cylinders right now…)

  10. Have you tried the Bobbie sandwich at a Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop? Capriotti’s is a big chain in Las Vegas, with some shops also in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and other random New England-ness. Every time I visit my parents in Las Vegas, I end up eating at least one Bobbie per day to tide me over between the long, turkey sandwich-free lulls.

    It’s just a standard Thanksgiving sandwich: hoagie roll, shaved turkey right off the bird, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo if you’re so inclined. But the turkey is moist, the rolls are a thing of splendor, and, dude, the stuffing is better than yo’ grandma’s.

    If you ever do find yourself in Vegas (or one of their other locations, I guess), make the trek out to Henderson to eat at the one on W. Sunset. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

  11. Psghetti’s deserves to be higher on this list. It’s the shit, the measure that all other sammys must compare. That bread will soak up half a fifth of Maker’s Mark (tested and true).

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