The Best Turkey Sandwich in Austin

The Turkey Sandwich Report has been silent lately, and for that we apologize.

“Why?” you might ask.  Mostly because “The Man” has been beating me down and making me work way too much for the past few months.  But fuck that.  I

So let’s get back at it:

can’t let The Man keep me from my passion.  He can bust my ass all day, Monday through Friday.  But he can’t own me 24 hours a day.  He can’t own my weekends.  And most importantly, he can’t keep me away from Turkey Sandwiches.

This is a Turkey Sandwich from Shady Grove in Austin, TX.

They smoke their own Turkey in house.  Shady Grove is one of my favorite places in Austin and I’ve been there dozens of times, but never had their Turkey Sandwich.  The reason?  Their Brisket Tacos are really good.  But just like The Man can’t keep me down, Brisket Tacos can’t hold me me back from Turkey Sandwiches.

And with ppologies to Which Wich, who was nice enough to sponsor our Turkey Sandwich Report event at SXSW, I’m gonna say it: Shady Grove has the best Turkey Sandwich in Austin.  They’re probably gonna put this on a t-shirt now.

She’s Mrs. Turkey Sandwich for a Reason

We’re down in Texas this week visiting some friends and for you loyal readers of the Turkey Sandwich Report, you know that means one thing: a Turkey Sandwich from the Gristmill.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accompany Mrs. Turkey Sandwich as she made the trek from Austin down to New Braunfels for dinner at the Gristmill last night.  But when she came back from the journey, she delivered a perfect Turkey Sandwich.  And THAT’S why she’s Mrs. Turkey Sandwich, people.

Gristmill Turkey Sandwich 1

Turkey Tacos are Friggin’ Delicious

Alright, let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat: A sandwich is a sandwich and tacos are tacos.  But when someone puts turkey in tacos, it’s good enough for this here sandwich pundit to talk about it on his Turkey Sandwich blog.  So don’t even think about posting some wise-ass comments about how (insert whiny voice) “This is a Turkey SANDWICH blog and I didn’t come here to read about TACOS.”

Got it?  Ok, good.

Green Mesquite is in Austin, TX.  They do BBQ and they do it well.  But reason #1 why I like Green Mesquite is that they do what I call “Texan Fusion” cuisine: Part BBQ, part sandwich, part Mexican – all in one entree.  I had the Turkey Tacos with BBQ sauce AND salsa on it.  Yes, BOTH at the SAME time.  Don’t knock it until you try it.  You take a look at this photo and tell me this doesn’t make you hungry:

Turkey Taco Close-up

More photos of my visit to the Green Mesquite are here and here.

Reason #2 why I like Green Mesquite is fact that there is a George Jones poster hanging inside.  The fact that they know good Country Music gives them “street cred” as a true Texas BBQ joint.

George Jones Poster

I Went to the HEB Today

Grocery stores in Denver pretty much suck. 

First of all they make you use those fucking frequent shopper cards to get the discounts so they can stalk you and know what you buy.  I refuse to carry them.  I’ll ask for a new one every time,  I don’t care.

Second of all, most of the checkers and baggers are little punk-ass fuckwads and never do any fucking work.  Don’t worry about it guys, I actually enjoy bagging my fucking groceries.

I digress.

Third of all, they don’t carry Boar’s Head deli meats.  They insist on carrying that second rate crap. 

I’ve been in San Antonio over the weekend and you damn well know I stopped by the HEB today to pick up some Boar’s Head deli meat.  I went with the Salsalito since I haven’t had it in a while.  I never really took the time to appreciate HEB’s vast selection of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses while I lived here.  They even had Boar’s Head Sauerkraut!  I thought about buying it, just as a memento.

Pictures and shit on the way.  I’m using someone else’s computer this weekend and they’ll probably freak out if I log them out of their Yahoo account, so you’ll just have to wait until I can get into my own Flickr account.

The Vaunted “Turkey Sandwich” at The Gristmill

The Gristmill is a quaint restaurant on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Gruene, TX.  It’s an old cotton mill where people like to eat after a long day of tubing or before a night of two-steppin’ at the world famous Gruene Hall

The Gristmill is also THE SHIT.

One of the things I like about The Gristmill is that they are so confident their Turkey Sandwich making abilities that they just call it “Turkey Sandwich”.
Turkey Sandwich on Menu

The amazing thing about this sandwich is that it is JUST Turkey on a bun. I do add the Prime Sauce and a leaf of lettuce – but THAT’S IT. It good enough that it doesn’t need any other bullshit on there. And it’s fucking amazing.

Gristmill Turkey Sandwich 1

The Honey Maple Turkey they put on there is tasty. If they had this stuff in prison, I’d get myself thrown in the clink.

BTW, their Chips and Queso, Tortilla Soup and Onion Rings are uber delicious too. And no, I did not have all of these in one meal, smart ass.

As promised…A Visit to Which Wich in Austin

As many of you know, Mrs. Turkey Sandwich and I went to visit some friends in Texas for the Labor Day weekend. I also took advantage of this time and played a tennis tournament in Austin.

Although I may have gotten my ass beat on the tennis court, I did whip some ass of my own at Which Wich. Check out this Turkey Sandwich masterpiece: Pretty ballsy to go cole slaw, horseradish AND BBQ, huh? But that’s what I do.  I push the Turkey Sanwich envelope.
Which Wich Sandwich Labor Day 07

And yes, I added an Oreo Shake to the mix.
Sandwich and Oreo Shake

Neal at Which Wich Austin

Founder of Which Wich Speaks!

No surprise, but the The Turkey Sandwich is starting to get some national attention.

I’m technically on vacation today, but as many of you know I suffer from Obsessive Internet and Email Addiction and when I logged on to get quick email fix this morning , I was excited to see that Jeff Sinelli, the Founder of Which Wich had made a comment to a recent post.

For those of you that might have missed it, here is his comment:

Neal…best of luck in tennis and wiches while you are in Texas. You will find that the Texas WWs always take cash (loved your video). As founder, may I suggest limiting any wich to a maximum of 5 or 6 total ingredients (minus bread)…this should guarantee the result your looking for. I love your idea of going “balls to the walls.” Try the Buffalo Chicken and add extra chicken (choose Pepper Jack Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, and if you dare, Giardinara). A milkshake is also recommended to cool things down. Keep the VIBE positive in the turkey quest and on the court (btw, I play at 3.5).
Regarding the “saurkraut and cheez wiz” — what were you thinking??????
Best WICHes,

Mr. Sinelli – thanks for your kind words. You can tell the crew in Austin that I will be visiting the downtown store for lunch after my first round match on Saturday.  Should I give them some kind of code at the cash register to let them know I am an “FOJ” (friend of Jeff)?

I will certainly take you up on SOME of you advice (limiting ingredients, which is a good call) – but not all. You recommended a CHICKEN sandwich – and this here is the TURKEY Sandwich Report, so I’m going to honor my commitment and go turkey.

I’ll also take a moment to plug Which Wich’s blog – which I had heard about, but never visited.  Check it out at  How Web 2.0 of you, Mr. Sinelli.

A Turkey Sandwich Mission to TX

I’m going to Texas this weekend to see some friends and play in a tennis tournament (more details on Tennis Loser).

On the docket:

A Turkey Sandwich at the Gristmill

Which Wich in Austin

Some Boar’s Head Turkey from the deli at HEB

And although it’s not technically a Sandwich, The County Line’s Turkey is damn good too – so I might go there to get my BBQ fix taken care of.

Undefeated and Still Champion – The Gristmill

I’ve lived in Colorado for about 5 months now.  Prior to that, I spent almost 6 years in Texas – Austin for a couple months (couldn’t find a job) and then San Antonio.  In that time, I can assure you that I ate a lot of fucking Turkey Sandwiches.  And in that time, I found what I consider to be the best.

Almost halfway between San Antonio and Austin (a little closer to SA) on I-35 is New Branfels, TX.  New Branfels is known for it’s German heritage, toobing on the Guadalupe River and what I guess is a “town within a town” called Gruene, TX.  Gruene is cool.  There is an old dance hall called Gruene Hall, where a lot of Country and Americana artists play – a lot of big names have rolled thru there.

But in back of Gruene Hall is a restaurant that is an old cotton mill and it’s called “The Gristmill.”  It sits right on the banks of the Guadalupe River and there is a lot of outdoor seating.  The atmosphere is great, but let’s stay focused here and get to what is important – Turkey Sandwiches.

It’s nothing fancy really – it’s a simple Turkey Sandwich on a bun (I recommend the wheat).  But the key here is the actual Turkey itself – it’s awesome.  I highly recommend requesting some of what they call “prime sauce” and you put’cha someadat on there.  The prime sauce is dijon/mayo/horseradish combo and it is the fucking shit.  You couple that with either their fries or the onion rings and you’re in business.  You can’t go wrong with the Chips and Queso for an appetizer.

On weekends, especially when the weather is nice, you can expect a wait – but relax there champ…grab a beer or a CC and Seven and chill out in their courtyard.  If you realy know what you’re doing, you’ll have tickets to the show at Gruene Hall that night, you’ll drink about 17 more beers and you’ll get laid later that night.