Turkey Sandwich Report Featured on Alltop

The rumors have been swirling for months and today I can confirm:  Yes, it is true, the Turkey Sandwich Report has been selected to be featured on alltop.com.

All of the interweb dorks out there know that Alltop is a collection of the best blogs in the world, sorted by category.  They say it is like an “online magazine rack”.  Good enough, I’ll buy that description.

Strangely enough, TSR is featured in the “Humor” section.  I guess they threw us in there because we would have absolutely OWNED the Turkey Sandwich section.  That and the fact that there isn’t a Turkey and/or Sandwich section on Alltop.

Turkey Sandwich Report on Alltop

But, I want to make this crystal clear: Just because we are listed in the “HUMOR” section doesn’t mean that we take this shit lightly.  The Turkey Sandwich Report isn’t here to amuse you.  We’re not you’re little “monkey blog” here to make you laugh.  If you come here looking for a laugh, go get your jollies somewhere else.  This is 100% SERIOUS TURKEY SANDWICH TALK.

You don’t like it? Go fuck yourself.