Breaking News: The Smiling Moose Deli on Colorado is Closed

They went ahead and did it.  The Smiling Moose Deli has officially moved out of the shittiest location in the restaurant business and relocated to Downtown Denver.

The world’s shittiest location is at Colorado and 8th, which was about a mile from my house.  Although it might seem like this would be uber-convenient for me, it was a huge fucking pain in the ass and actually prevented me from visiting The Smiling Moose as much as I would like.  The parking lot was tiny and traffic on that block of Colorado is a real bitch.  It just wasn’t worth the trouble.

So, good for The Smiling Moose.

But now it’s ON in Downtown D-town.  Cheba Hut moved in about a year ago and The Smiling Moose is moving in on their turf.  Sandwich fans, just sit back and enjoy.  This will be a battle to the death.


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