The Year in Turkey Sandwiches 2010

The year in Turkey Sandwiches, originally uploaded by nealdstewart.

Ahh, 2010. What a year it was. What did we learn this past year?

1. Jimmy John’s (allegedly) treats their employees like shit.
2. Delicatus probably has the best sandwiches in Seattle.
3. 730 South probably has the best Turkey Sandwich in Denver.
4. Snarf’s cheats their customer out of about 1 to 2″ on each “Pro” sized sandwich.
5. Snarf’s tells you that they’ll send you some gift certificates as a “thank you for bringing our cheating ways to our attention”, but doesn’t
6. Lucky’s in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood makes a damn good sandwich.
7. Alarms go off if you talk on your cell phone in Perry’s Deli (in Chicago).
8. Subway uses cheap “8-part” Turkey.
9. Yellow mustard should NEVER be used on a Turkey Sandwich. it’s brown/deli/stone ground mustard or no mustard.
10. Pretzel bread works.


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