730 South: Welcome to the Turkey Top 10

I’m often asked: “Hey, where do you go to get your favorite Turkey Sandwich?”  I politely answer the same way every time: “Well, if you read my fucking blog, you would know that I have the Turkey Top 10 and that will give you all of the answers you need.”

I remind everyone of this because I would like to welcome a new member of the Turkey Top 10: 730 South American Bar and Grill in Denver, CO.  730 South’s “Big Daddy Turkey” has a lot going for it.

  • It has bacon on it
  • The use real turkey
  • Raspberry Cream Cheese – that’s interesting
  • There are apple slices on it – way to be creative there, 730 South!
  • Foccacia bread – not my favorite bread, but I’m ok with it.

Nice work 730 South.  I’m impressed with your Turkey Sandwich skills.  I’m not sure how the rest of your menu looks, because it took me about 10 seconds to find the Big Daddy Turkey Sandwich and I was sold.

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