Hat Tip to Tony: Lucky’s is a Solid Turkey Sandwich


Lucky's in Wrigleyville


My friend Tony is one of the most loyal Turkey Sandwich Report readers.  On a recent visit to Chicago, we agreed to meet up for a night of debauchery that would be started off with a Turkey Sandwich at an undisclosed location of Tony’s choosing.

Tony’s choice was Lucky’s Sandwich Co. in Wrigleyville.  Lucky’s serves up what they call “overstuffed” sandwiches.  The sandwiches aren’t oversuffed just because you get a lot of meat and lots of toppings.  They also load it up with french fries and cole slaw.  Important note: the cole slaw isn’t that nasty mayonaise based shit.  It’s the tasty vinegar based stuff – big difference.

And their sandwiches are $7!!  That’s a nice bargain in Chicago.

I have a deep respect for sandwich shops that push the limits of a traditional sandwich.  The simple truth is that our mainstream culture is one where a Panini is considered exotic.  Lucky’s calls bullshit on the mainstream and for that, I tip my hat to you.


3 thoughts on “Hat Tip to Tony: Lucky’s is a Solid Turkey Sandwich

  1. I can now die a happy man after being mentioned on the TSR. A sidenote is that Neal liked his turkey sandwich sans tomato.

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