After working my ass off, I deserve a sandwich from the Pickle Barrel

Pickle Barrel, originally uploaded by nealdstewart.

You know those guys that deliver beer? They have a hard job. I know first hand because I spent a day earlier this week helping a beer delivery guy in Fort Collins, CO.

First, you have to unload the pallet of beer.

Second you have to organize the beer so the liquor store worker can count all of the cases and make sure their order is right.

Then you have to wheel the beer into the store and organize it in the cooler. Organizing means rotating the inventory so that they older beer makes it to the shelf first. This sounds easy, but it isn’t. Trust me. Next time you run into a beer delivery guy, give him a hug. They deserve it.

The best part of the day was the sandwich I got after it. Fort Collins is home to the Pickle Barrel, one of my favorite spots for a Turkey Sandwich. I’m a big fan of their “Wiley Coyote” which is grilled Turkey, Muenster cheese, onions and green pepper and tomato (but I go sans tomato).

I wish I had a photo of the sandwich, but after a day of working my ass off, I eat it right away. I don’t stop and screw around with photography. I eat.  So you’re stuck with a photo of the Pickle Barrel staff preparing my Turkey Sandwich.

One thought on “After working my ass off, I deserve a sandwich from the Pickle Barrel

  1. The Toonces is the one you should try there next. Extra tasty. Up for a little Cheba Hut before (or after) thursday’s GABF session? There’s one right by the convention center now.

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