Dumping your sandwiches like a pile of shit doesn’t make me want to eat them

This edition of the Turkey Sandwich Report serves a dual purpose:

  1. It’s about sandwiches
  2. It’s about marketing – which I discuss in my other blog: youcantbuythat.com

Apparently Jimmy Johns wants to celebrate their 1000th store opening, so they gave away 1000 sandwiches to an unsuspecting consumer.  So Jimmy John himself pulled up to an apartment complex in Tampa and dumped 1000 sandwiches.  Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxDlkOFbsHM

I see a couple problems:

  1. Dumping 1000 sandwiches out of a dump truck is reminiscent of dumping a big ol’ pile of shit.
  2. The consumer looks less than excited.  In fact, he looks fucking pissed.

How does Jimmy John’s think this is going to sell more sandwiches?

They think people will laugh at it.  It’s not really all that funny?

They think the video will go viral and increase awareness?  I don’t see any reason why anyone other than a Sandwich Blogger would pass this along.

Overall, just I think this is stupid.  In fact, I am boycotting on Jimmy John’s solely because this is so dumb.  If you think it’s dumb too, you should join me.

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