The Husky Delicatessen

Husky Delicatessen B/W, originally uploaded by nealdstewart.

The Husky Delicatessen is a bit of an institution here in West Seattle. As they say, “it feels like it’s from days gone by.” Along with the deli, they sell ice cream have a nice selection of beer and non-alc drinks and sell what appears to be a shit load of specialty condiments.

I’ve been meaning to get my ass over there for a Turkey Sandwich because everyone talks it up so much. I would have visited the Husky Delicatessen sooner, but there are two reasons why I didn’t:

1. I have to walk up a giant hill to get there, so sometimes I just stay home.
2. There are a bunch of bars in the same area and I can get distracted at times.

I enjoyed the sandwich, but it was a slippery mo’fo. It was Turkey with BBQ and roasted red peppers on a French Baguette and I had trouble keeping the food in-between the bread.

The sandwich was ‘aight – but I think I’m going for an ice cream cone next time.

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