The Line at Tat’s is Ridiculous

Tat’s is a solid sub shop.  They specialize in Philly Cheesesteaks, but they also have some nice Turkey Sandwiches.  They’ve always done a nice little business and there is typically a line, but I could get in and out with sandwich in a few minutes.

They recently moved – literally around the corner from their old location in Pioneer Square, Seattle – and all of the sudden, you would think it’s the Viper Room circa 1993.

Here’s a look at the line, it’s ridiculously long.

The ridiculous line at Tat's

This line is at least 30 minutes to just order a sandwich.  Then it’s probably another 15 to get it.  Screw that.

The thing that really sucks is that I only need three more stamps on my frequent feeder card to get a free sandwich.  Unless I bust out for an early lunch, it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon.


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