Sometimes, you gotta go with the shit you know.

My quest for  Turkey Sandwiches led me to an extremely tough decision yesterday and I think this is a lesson that everyone can learn from.

While strolling through the “U district” in Seattle yesterday, I became hungry and in need of a Turkey Sandwich.  There were plenty of options including some of the usual suspects like Jimmy John’s and Quizno’s.  But I can eat their shit any day of the week.  I wanted something different.  I could have easily picked up a sandwich at Big Time Brewery where I drank  four beers.  I could have stopped in to Norm’s to see what they had on the menu.

I also could have tried a place called Davinci Subs.  I was hungry and this was a big decision.  In fact, I was so hungry that I could not afford to waste my time and money on a shitty sandwich.  For 20 minutes, I paced in front of Davinci Subs waiting for some kind of sign to give me the go-ahead to walk in and order a Turkey Sandwich.  It never happened.  I never got that sign.

So I walked across the street and went to Which Wich.

Which Wich Seattle

And you know what?  I enjoyed the shit out of that Pastrami Turkey Sandwich.

I realize that I have a certain responsibility to you, the readers of the Turkey Sandwich Report.  I know that it’s my job to get out there and explore new and exotic Turkey Sandwiches.  But yesterday it was about “ME” and I ordered that Turkey Sandwich for ME.

You might be asking “What’s the lesson here?  The lesson is that this blog isn’t all about you.  It’s about me and my Turkey Sandwiches.  And sometimes I’m not in the mood to eat a shitty Turkey Sandwich so you can read something new on your lunch break.  That’s all.  If you don’t like it, go find a different Turkey Sandwich blog.  I dare you.

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