Can a Brotha Get a Turkey Sandwich in Beverly Hills? Aparently Not.

Mrs. Turkey Sandwich went on a little road trip out to California this past week to visit some family and see how THEY do Turkey Sandwiches – specifically in Beverly Hills.  I’ll sum it up for you in two words: they don’t.

Our first stop was this place in the heart of 90210 called Nate & Al Delicatessen. As we drove by, Mrs. Turkey Sandwich said, “Oh that place is really good!  Expensive, but good.” So we stopped, parked and went in.

Nate n Al Delicatessen

I’m not sure what it was about this place, but I just got a bad vibe.  They had all of their blocks of meat out for clear viewing, but it looked gross.  If we stayed, I knew I was going to get a bad sandwich and I was hungry enough to not be in the mood for any kind of sandwich shenanigans.

We left and walked down the street to another place called The Farm of Beverly Hills.

The Farm of Beverly Hills

Again, we stopped by and checked the menu, but all they had was a faux Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich.  Nope, not in the mood. I did a quick search on my iPhone and it came up with a place called Sunset Deli.  I’ve been severely intoxicated and had some good times on the Sunset Strip before, so that sounded perfect.

Sunset Deli closes at 4pm

We hustled over to Sunset, parked the car and power walked down to the Sunset Deli.  It was 4:05 pm and the only way we could get screwed on this one is if they were one of those “lunch only” kind of places that seem to be gaining in popularity.  Well, fuck me with a chainsaw – wouldn’t you know it, they closed at 4 o’clock.  To rub salt in the wound even a little more, they’re a Boar’s Head Deli.  Son of a fucking bitch.

A Turkey Sandwich was not meant to be on this day and we had to eat at some shitty pizza joint that apparently thought it was cool to have the cast of Road Rules, Brody Jenner. Paris Hilton and a bunch of other D list celebs sign their wall with a sharpie.


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