Dibella’s Old Fashioned Submarines

DiBella’s is a cute little place. They have a bunch of those old fashioned Coca-Cola signs on the wall and their people are dressed as if they are working at a New York Deli in the 1940s.

But there is something wrong with this picture. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this sandwich (which happens to be the Dagwood) is served cold. I would think that workers at a REAL, old fashioned sub shop would have made for damn sure to ask whether I wanted my sandwich “hot” or “cold”. I would have chosen “hot” if I was given the chance, but I wasn’t.

You might be think that I am over-reacting, but I’m not. The Dagwood is on the hot and cold sandwich menu. Mr. Shop was throwing mustard on my sub before I could even tell him that I wanted it hot.

You might notice a pattern here. I had the same problem at QFC a couple weeks ago with what has become to be known as “The yellow mustard incident.” Same thing happened here. This guy was in a hurry to put the mustard on the sandwich and be off and running.

Once again, the lesson to be learned is to get your shit together before answering what condiments you want on the sandwich. Unless you want a complete mess on your hands, a sandwich cannot be heated up once the condiments are on there.

Please do not let this happen to you. If I can save one sandwich from being ruined, I’ve done my job.

As it turned out. the sandwich was still pretty damn good. Their version of the Dagwood is Turkey, Ham and Corned Beef. I could have done without the Corned Beef, which was a little fatty for my taste, but the bread was good. But it would have been better served hot.


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