Where’s the Turkey, Shari?

Earlier this week I was driving from Portland to Seattle and the traffic on I-5 near Olympia was a real bitch.  Instead of sitting there in traffic and getting all pissed off, I decided to pull off the freeway and soothe myself with a Turkey Sandwich.

The first eating spot I came upon was Shari’s.  It looked like actively Shari’s targets old fuckers, and being that I was sick of all the hipsters in Portland, it sounded like a good place to chill out.  I order their best Turkey Sandwich and I was off and running.

But take a look at this Turkey Sandwich.  See any problems?


You can’t fool me Shari.  You can baffle me with a little extra gravy?  You can impress me with your cranberry sauce.  And you can’t perplex me with those little onion rings on top.  Nope, I immediately noticed that your Turkey Sandwich is lacking TURKEY!  Just look at this sandwich – you can see that they they go pretty light on the Turkey.

Don’t fuck with me Shari.  I know Turkey Sandwiches and I know this one is lacking Turkey.  WHERE’S THE TURKEY!?


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