Where’s Otto? And What Does He Know About Turkey Sandwiches?

I spent part of the week in Portland (OR) last week and had the pleasure of seeing my old friend, Suzanne Modesto.  Suzanne is a nice person and all, but she kept yapping about some place called Otto’s.

Neal, when are we gonna go to Otto’s for a Turkey Sandwich?

Neal, are we still going to get a Turkey Sandwich at Otto’s or are you going to back out on me?

Neal, can you come by to pick me up so we can go to Otto’s for a Turkey Sandwich?

Honestly, I didn’t trust Suzanne’s instincts when it came to Turkey Sandwiches.  No slam against women, but men tend to have better taste when it comes to Turkey Sandwiches.

So I did indeed pick her up and take her to Otto’s.  When we arrived, I was impressed by a few things:

  1. Otto’s is not just a subshop, it’s a Sausage House.  That’s a good start.
  2. They also have a little shop where you can buy fresh smoked meat and they have an amazing mustard selection.
  3. They were grilling sausages outside.
  4. They had a TV playing an episode from Drive-ins, Dives and Diners where Otto’s was being featured!

I ordered a Turkey Sandwich with Harvati, onions and nothing else.  Low and behold it comes out with pickles and what appeared to be mayo on it as well.  I would have taken that shit right back to the deli counter and demanded a new sandwich, but then I gave it a thought.  “Maybe this Otto guy knows what he’s doing” I told myself.


First bite: ok, interesting…

Second bite: getting better….

By the third bite, I was hooked.  This was a fucking good Turkey Sandwich.

Hats off to Suzanne Modesto and Otto! They’ve both proven that they DO know Turkey Sandwiches.  I’m back in Portland next week and you can bet your sweet sausage ass I’ll be stopping by for a Turkey Sandwich!


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