Jason Lashes Back at Glenn

I felt that I owed the loyal readers of the Turkey Sandwich Report Jason’s response to Glenn’s claims.

Here’s what he had to say:

Glenn is a total douche bag who has made countless lies to deface my integrity.  I never yelled at anyone, and I was never given more than one shirt.  I was written up once for not wearing a helmet and once for being late.

He also acknowledged that he did not did not work at the Pioneer Square location, but since Glenn owns that location, and there is more foot traffic there, he chose it as his picketing location.
Does that change your vote?

5 thoughts on “Jason Lashes Back at Glenn

  1. Fact: Glenn has no soul. Ask anyone who works/has worked for him and they will say the same thing, that there are only dollar signs behind his eyes.

  2. Jimmy Johns may or may not have management problems, but if you’ve ever met Jason you’d know that he doesn’t have the personal hygiene required to be around food. Yes, he really does smell.

  3. By that logic, Liz, I doubt Jimmy John’s would have much staff left.

    Or any fast food business for that matter.

  4. There’s a Subway next door. If the work environment is really that atrocious at JJ’s, why not stop by and grab an application?

    That’s the beauty of a free-market economy. If you don’t like the conditions, there’s nothing stopping you from looking for something better.

  5. Pretty sure JJ’s policy is the same as most places: one verbal warning, two written warnings, and then termination. Jason admitted that he was written up twice, so, logically, he should have been fired, and I have no sympathy for him. Get over yourself Jason, and good luck finding a job that doesn’t care about your appearance and hygiene issues.

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