About Those (alleged) Pricks at Jimmy John’s

Ok, so I might have jumped the gun a little bit.  It turns out that Jimmy John’s has quite the different story about Jason and his claims against them.

Here’s what Glenn from Jimmy John’s told me in a phone conversation a little while ago.

  1. Jason didn’t even work at the Jimmy John’s location where he was picketing.
  2. Jason was written up for continually showing up late to work.
  3. Jason was given two shirts: one regular shirt and one “bike shirt”.
  4. Other bike messengers rinse off their “bike shirts” under a sink and let them air dry and it works just fine.
  5. Jason was rude to a customer and told them to get out of the way so he could get his bike through the door.
  6. Jason did indeed smell.

So who do you believe? Vote here:


9 thoughts on “About Those (alleged) Pricks at Jimmy John’s

  1. 1) Glenn and company own and run a franchise that includes all seven Jimmy John’s stores in King County. If Jason and his crew want to put economic pressure on the business, then it makes sense to target more than just the one location where he worked.

    2) Jason had never seen these alleged write-ups before Glenn produced them a couple weeks after the firing and tried to use them to discredit him.

    3 – 4) I don’t know whether there’s any truth to these two statements, but either way, they don’t make much difference in terms of the basic issues in this conflict: an arrogant right-wing company showing no respect for their low-paid employees and firing at will without any due process. Jason, more than most, believes in standing up for himself as a worker, partly in hopes that others will do the same.

    5 – 6) I don’t doubt he sounded reasonable on the phone, but Glenn and his management team have been going in for a lot of dubious claims and generally shady behavior lately that should make people think twice about taking their word for anything related to this conflict.

    For example:

    – The time they tried to make the Seattle Police believe in an imaginary assault by picketers at the 3rd & Seneca store
    – Those mysteriously appearing retroactive write-ups
    – The time Glenn’s General Manager stood on the sidewalk and watched while his loyal subordinate walked out of the store and started snatching and breaking picket signs and trying to pick a fight.

    I used to be a union organizer, and as a rule, the level of deceit that management resorts to in the course of labor-management conflicts is astounding. They get away with it since it’s not technically illegal, and it’s very effective at confusing and demoralizing people.

  2. Lee has brought some good points up. Management at Jimmy Johns is pretty untrustworthy. Who trusts a manager who sends out an employee to start a fight with peaceful picketers? Who trusts a manager who clearly lied about “write ups”?

    Jason is the only one here with a clean track record – that is, he’s the only one who hasn’t been caught lying or resorting to violence. I know whose side I’m on.

  3. If Jimmy Johns is so awful to work at, don’t work there. Word gets around, the owners and managers are just shooting themselves, and their business, in the foot.

    However I think asking for two months severance is just beyond greedy. I always wonder at the motives of someone who gets ‘mistreated’ and their first response is ‘gimme teh monnies!’

    I’m guessing both parties stink, literally and figuratively.

  4. “Jason is the only one here with a clean track record – that is, he’s the only one who hasn’t been caught lying or resorting to violence. I know whose side I’m on.”

    Except for the part where he lied and said he had only one shirt, right?

    I love “at-will” states.

  5. After working in Ann Arbor under a 22 year old Nazi wanna-be, I understand the desire to picket. I have worked in food delivery enviroments that go strong all night long, not just a two hour rush, and the managers there are the type you don’t want to disappoint just cause they run so smooth. Not harsh and unforgiving to where you don’t feel confortable in your own skin and smile at customers as though you have a gun to your back like you do under Jimmy’s loose cannons. Pathetic in my opinion they are.

  6. Just like how this guy trained me. I worked a 13 hour shift, then went home to study the menu for a while, then got up in the morning and drank coffee and studied some more. Then I went to work at 5am and recited the first 6 subs on the menu as I was instructed. All was fine, I was working outside of work and didn’t take a break all day at work.

    Then I was put next to a nice young lady that proceeded to actually give me something to go on as far as understanding how the sandwiches coinside and relate to each other. I was to pull meat and was given a “cheat sheet” that had the ingredients and order of assembley. Then after about 10 subs were made the manager came by all briskly and snatched the sheet down and yelled “you don’t need this”.

    So there I was asking what goes where and in what order, and when thoroughly embaressed, he notices I am making a mistake and screams “NO NO NO” and the young lady next to me jumps a mile. She asks him not to yell and asks why he’s yelling.

    It’s unnecessary, unrespectable, and a pathetic way to train and still expect results.

    I trained myself. I would make little sayings like “we are goin to club lulu. And Billy likes blank. And hunters eat blank. I talked it up with inshoppers and found that the 1 and 5 are the only ones with cheese of the first 6. Alot of things that help. Like one girl told me that if it has cucumbers it has sprouts. How Simple!! Why are they rewarding managers that can’t tell new hires these simple and valueable ways of thinking on day one!! I wanted to be successful at the job but do not feel the system was not designed for me to succeed. For me. I am pretty normal and my needs are pretty basic. Everyone knows who the boss is in a work enviroment, and the bosses job should be making things operate not just making shure everyone is going to stay out of their way.

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